Matchware Educational Tools

Mind Mapping Software

MindView is a Visual Organizational tool based on Mind Mapping, which enables students to improve reading comprehension, writing, facilitate research and improve test taking study skills. MindView encourages inclusion and collaboration throughout your classroom while supporting the principles of UDL (Universal Design for Learning).

MindView contains 5 interchangeable layouts including a Timeline making it a true cross curricular visual aid tool for anything from outlining book reports, science papers or making historical timelines. With the industries best export functions a mind map can be turned into a PowerPoint presentation, Word document or HTML page with a mouse click. LEARN MORE

Multimedia Authoring Tool

Mediator is a dynamic multimedia authoring tool, featuring Page Oriented design and an icon-based, drag-and-drop programming environment, empowering students and teachers to create professional, cutting edge Flash®, HTML and interactive CD-ROM presentations.

Easily add content from the royalty free multimedia catalogue or include your own assets to personalize your presentations. Mediator allows students and teachers to focus on creative content rather than complex technology LEARN MORE

Desktop Recording Software

ScreenCorder is a powerful, easy to use desktop recording tool, ideal for creating training and support videos or powerful demonstrations. Enhance your recordings with step-by-step audio instructions, graphic speech bubbles and multimedia content.

Personalize your video with webcam (PIP) recordings and assess viewers understanding of your video material by inserting SCORM-compliant quizzes. Export to multiple video formats such as WMV, Flash® or use the built in HTML Web Builder to create re-usable interactive training modules for use inside and out of the classroom. LEARN MORE
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Home Access
National Association of Secondary School Principals Get the Home Access Suite for your local authority!
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Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology   MatchWare's involvement in the SEN market demonstrates a dedication to provide students affected by Reading, Writing and Learning Disabilities with easy-to-use software applications. Learn More
UK Qualifications
MatchWare's DiDA Software Suite is adapted to the requirements of the DiDA qualification.
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MatchWare's Creative Software Suite is perfectly suited to the requirements of the OCR Nationals in ICT.
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MatchWare MindView Business and MatchWare Mediator empower students to excel in all units of GCE.
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