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DSA Centre Training

MatchWare provides the highest possible service to DSA Centres and Assessors. We believe that regular visits to centres to train assessors and other staff on MindView are essential for the assessors to fully understand the benefits of MindView and feel comfortable demonstrating the product to students. For further information or to arrange a training session at your centre, please call 0207 940 9700 or e-mail /

This page is designed to help assessors and trainers maintain their knowledge of MindView by breaking down the step by step process of demonstrating MindView during AT assessments and training's.

Generating Ideas and Customisation

This video shows the basic features of creating and building a mind map, adding content such as text notes and pictures, before customising the look and feel of the mind map.

The interface and shortcuts allow students to get their ideas down quickly and will be familiar to anyone with experience of MS Office. Adding content allows the student to break down essays and assignments into more manageable chunks before exporting to word to create the final piece.

Download Training Template

Word Export

In this section a student has been writing an essay. They've added pictures for visual reference and text notes as paragraphs. We show the ability to review certain aspects of the document before exporting to a word document.

This allows the student to concentrate on the content of the assignment without having to worry about putting together a structured Word essay. The export function from MindView to Word is second to none and will generate a print ready document at the click of a mouse.

Download Training Template

Powerpoint Export

In this example a student has created a presentation using a mind map, adding pictures and text notes to accompany their ideas for each PowerPoint slide. We show you how to customise the look and feel of the presentation before exporting to a professionally structured PowerPoint document.

The ability to generate the presentation using the mind map allows the student to concentrate on the content rather than worrying about the overall structure and look of the presentation.

Download Training Template


This sections demonstrates a student citing information from a novel using the automatic referencing function within MindView, before exporting to Word and including a pre-generated bibliography.

We look at how MindView can speed up, organise and validate the referencing process and make it easier for students to create bibliographies for their assignments.

Download Training Template

Time Management

In this example we look at a student's mind map which has been created to show all things that need to be completed within a particular term, including academic and social activities. Time is then applied to each activity before switching the view and showing the term in the form of a timeline.

This is designed to show how MindView can be used to create visual action plans and help students who struggle with managing their time effectively.

Download Training Template

Creating Revision Plans

In this video we look at how a student has broken down a week's revision into subjects and topics using a mind map. Having previously added time to each topic we then view the mind map as a time line in order to see a revision plan for the week ahead.

MindView can be used in this way to help students who struggle with all aspects of organisation, from time management to the organisation of revision notes and files.

Download Training Template

Organising Files

This example shows how MindView can be used to organise lecture notes, revision and research in one place. We look at attaching different formats of information including files, notes and also hyperlinks to websites.

Students can use MindView to help make organising information more manageable, allowing them to keep files and documents within one central location, reducing any stress that may arise from organising files through the standard file/folder system on their PC.

Download Training Template

Project Management

Gantt chart capabilities in MindView, showing how to create and build a new project within a mind map before changing the view to a Gantt chart and applying scheduling information. We look at using intuitive drag and drop shortcuts to alter task and time information and apply dependencies to tasks before moving back into the mind map in order to get a visual overview of our project.

For any students who are required to study any type of project management during their course MindView gives them a robust and advanced Gantt chart facility whilst keeping the option of generating and reviewing their ideas and tasks in the mind map view.

Download Training Template

Predictive Text Suggestions


This video shows how MindView's brand new built in predictive text suggestions can help people who struggle with writing and spelling. Powered by TextHelp™, MindView's text prediction will help boost writing confidence for everyone.

Capturing Online References


This videos demonstrates MindView's brand new capture tool, which allows students to quickly capture images and text from websites and documents automatically inserting selected data into the MindView document. If available the capture tool will gather any citation information, carrying across the source and creating a reference. This simplifies the referencing process for students, allowing them to organise and validate their citations more effectively.

Support Documents

In this section you will find several documents created to assist users in achieving the most befit out of their MindView AT use.

In an effort to expedite the learning curve and allow for a more streamlined adoption of MindView AT, download the following documents to assist you in getting started with MindView AT.

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