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About DiDA

Edexcel's DiDA offers paperless learning for ICT students at both Level 1 and Level 2

DiDA is the Diploma in Digital Applications, a revolutionary suite of three paperless qualifications from Edexcel that focuses on the practical application of technology.

DiDA qualifications prepare students for the real world of work or further education. They are designed to stimulate students' creativity and develop real-world, practical skills that will motivate learning across a wide range of subjects.

As a suite of qualifications, DiDA offers progression from the Award (AiDA), to the Certificate (CiDA), and on to the full Diploma (DiDA).

MatchWare's DiDA Software Suite is adapted to the requirements of the DiDA qualification. MatchWare MindView 3, Mediator 9 and ScreenCorder 5 solve the issues candidates encounter in this challenging exam. The MatchWare Suite allows students to focus directly on the content of the qualification, increasing chances of success and providing an inclusive solution for students of all levels.

MatchWare is endorsed by Edexcel as an official software provider for the DiDA qualification.

Mediator 9 is recommended by Edexcel as an e-portfolio solution.

Creating DiDA ePortfolios with MindView Business

Award in Digital Applications (AiDA): 1 GCSE

Using ICT

Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA): 2 GCSE's

Using ICT, and either Multimedia, Graphics, or ICT in Enterprise

Diploma in Digital Applications (DiDA): 4 GCSE's

Using ICT, and Multimedia, Graphics, and ICT in Enterprise

Each unit is assessed via a summative project brief (SPB) in which students apply the knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired throughout the course to produce a number of specified 'deliverables'.

They present the project outcomes in an e-portfolio which is marked by the teacher and externally moderated. Students complete the project toward the end of the course.

SPBs (Summative Project Briefs)

D101 and D201: "Using ICT"

  • Using information sources
  • Working with information
  • Presenting information
  • Print and digital publishing
  • Creating an e-portfolio
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

D103 and D203: "Graphics"

  • Selecting material
  • Designing and developing graphical images
  • Using appropriate software, such as bitmap and vector-based tools/products
  • Preparing images for screen and print mediums
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Presenting graphics products in an e- portfolio
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

D102 and D202: "Multimedia"

  • Investigating multimedia products
  • Designing and developing multimedia products
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Print and digital publishing
  • Presenting multimedia products in an e- portfolio
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

D104 and D204: "ICT in Enterprise"

  • Exploring business opportunities
  • Preparing and presenting business plans
  • Business communications
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Presenting graphics products in an e- portfolio
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation

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