Mediator - On-Site Workshops

Mediator On-Site Workshops

We offer on-site training to "kick start" your integration of our multimedia software into your curriculum.

Interested in arranging a hands-on workshop in your area?

An Introductory On-site workshop includes:

  • Examples of how multimedia presentations meet Curriculum Standards
  • A short introduction on how to use basic features of our software
  • A hands-on session where for instance, participants create a fully functional web site or interactive multimedia presentation within a couple of hours
  • A walk through more advanced features

Free Workshops and reasonable prices!

We can in many cases offer introduction workshops FOR FREE (provided a suitable number of schools are represented and travel costs are minimal). In other cases we may charge for travel expenses and consultancy fees.

For advanced training consultancy fee and travel expenses will be charged.

Please contact us for a free consultation!

United States

Tel: 1-800-880-2810 or 1-813-254-6644

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)208 940 9700