Mediator - Computer Based Training

CBT Presentations

Mediator comes with a wide range of easy-to-use professional tools and programming facilities. These tools will let you create more complex presentations, games, user-input dependent presentations, even offline or online learning applications. Programming is easy with Mediator's intuitive visual interface, simply drag and drop icons to create the outline of your application. No scripting or programming is needed to create engaging, interactive applications!

Computer Based Training Presentations

Computer Based Training

The visual programming interface allows you to create engaging CBT (Computer Based Training) applications easily. Deliver them to students or colleagues on the web, via your network or on CD-Rom, and track results and learning.


Testing the student's progress is easy with Mediator's multiple-choice templates and simple If-Then-Else features. You can also monitor the progress of student work by saving results to a network file that can be checked by the teacher.

Programming Highlights

  • Input/Output fields let your presentation take input from and give input back to the end user.
  • Variables let you save user input. You can use text, numbers and true/false variables.
  • The Assign, If-Then-Else and Loop actions give you visual programming facilities.
  • INI files are perfect for saving scores, names, pages etc.
  • The Report actions let you export user input to external files, such as scorecards.

CBT Features

Wizards help you create Multiple Choice CBT (The user selects one of several possible answers).

Wizards help you create Formal Answer CBT (The user enters the answer via the keyboard).

Drag and Drop Runtime (Allows the end user to drag and drop objects).

Database support allows reading of ODBC databases, such as Access, Dbase, Paradox etc.

Quick and Easy!

Teachers and developers of any level can quickly and easily create interactive learning applications with the Mediator templates and visual programming interface.

Fun and Engaging!

Create highly interactive, media-rich, educational material. Use hotspots, hypertext, text search and input fields to optimize learning.