Mediator - Why Mediator

Why should schools purchase Mediator?

  • With Mediator 9, even the novice first-time user is able to create fantastic Flash® websites! The enhanced visual interface allows you and your students to drag-and-drop your way to amazing results. Automatic export to Flash® (.swf files) and free upload to is possible with a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Mediator is a multimedia authoring tool as well as a website builder, giving you two products for the price of one!
  • A twenty minute introduction and a few hours training is all that is needed for teachers and students to start using Mediator! An extremely flat learning curve!
  • The icon-based user interface and tabs revealing more complex tools and features allow children to "grow up" with Mediator. Mediator is suitable for ages 7 and up.
  • Mediator's "one click" export to Flash®, HTML or CD-Rom, including "Auto Run", makes it the easiest and fastest way to create interactive multimedia CDs or web pages.
  • Perfect for presenting projects, assignments, field trips, class presentations and more on the web, without having to turn to any other packages such as DreamWeaver® or FrontPage®.
  • With Mediator, scholars only need to learn one program to create both multimedia presentations as well as websites.
  • Mediator conforms to standard HTML code. If you require any further functions or editing such as ASP, databasing or advanced forms, you are able to open your project in other web editing packages such as Microsoft® FrontPage* or Macromedia DreamWeaver®.
  • Mediator's ease of use and intuitive user interface combined with several advanced features, makes it the most complete program for schools.
  • If a "Site License" is purchased, teachers AND students are entitled to purchase home license CD's. (To prevent infringement of our copyrights, extra CDs including the royalty free clipart are offered to the schools).
  • Mediator is packaged with professional clipart, templates, web templates, tutorials and a comprehensive 400-page manual.

As opposed to HyperStudio:

  • Purchasing Mediator is like purchasing HyperStudio® and Site Central® in one package. Therefore, you get so much more for your money!
  • Mediator is packed with several more intuitive features than HyperStudio®. For example, powerful transitions, visual programming tools and the unique web export allowing users to animate objects on a web page.
  • Mediator's ease of use allows students as young as seven to begin using it within hours.

As opposed to Microsoft® PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint® is excellent for speaker presentations, whereas Mediator is aimed at creating interactive multimedia presentations, such as CD-Rom presentations and websites.
  • Where PowerPoint® is focusing on simple slideshows, Mediator allows the user to create complex projects with navigation through hyperlinks (hypertext and hotspots). Mediator is packaged with Search, Contents, History and Index functions.
  • Mediator allows students to work more creatively, implementing multimedia items such as video, object animation, videos and sound control. With a Mediator project, interactivity is endless!