Mediator - Features

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User Friendliness

Intuitive Office 2007 Ribbon Interface
Task-oriented tabs and groups of related options, galleries of predefinedstyles, live preview of effects and great new icons.

All Drag & Drop
No programming skills required.

One-click Export
Export your project to CD-ROM, Flash or HTML with a single click. You can also create a self-contained streaming EXE file or collect all the project files in ZIP form.

Predefined Pages
Mediator comes with a series of professionally-designed page themes that will help you create impressive projects and websites in no time. You can also create a fully functional Page Menu, an Index Page, a History List or a Search Page instantly by dropping the relevant ready-made page into your project.

Live Preview of Effects
Obtain an instant preview of a wide range of effects on your objects, and apply your preferred ones with one click! You can choose from fill and outline colors and styles, shadows, glow, opacity levels, soft edges, patterns, textures, gradients, warp and rotation effects, and much more.

Multimedia Catalog
Contains 1500 high quality illustrations, templates, buttons, sounds, photos, backgrounds, textures, 3D objects and so on. Provides a powerful search function and allows you to connect to your own folders. Finally, lets you save frequently used objects, actions or even pages in your User Area for future re-use!

Powerful Wizards
Make use of the new pre-programmed wizards to create powerful high-end projects in a very short timeframe.

Presentation Size
Full screen, window or custom-sized presentations. Select one of the predefined shapes or make your own! You can also resize your presentation at any time, saving you hours of work if you need to create projects in different resolutions.

Master Pages
Design a page and define it as bottom or top layer for other pages, saving you hours of work. Create as many different master pages as you need.

Spell check your objects, pages and documents in several languages. Make use of the Auto-Correction list and maintain your own dictionaries.

Documented Examples
Study the examples provided with Mediator to demonstrate its main features. Each example consists of basic pages aimed at novice users or newcomers to Mediator, as well as advanced pages.

Multi-User Editing
Share the same project on the network and work concurrently in multi-user mode. Allocate different pages of the same project to different team members.

Mediator is now Unicode enabled, allowing users to enter text in objects that accept user input (such as text objects or input objects) in many different languages, including non- western languages.

The Toolbox

Select a picture from any source. Mediator supports PNG graphics with embedded alpha channels.

Define an area of a picture as hotspot so that it can react to events. You can create several interactive hotspots within the same picture and even use other objects (video, text etc.) as hotspots.

Create polygons and hotspot objects with straight lines or Bezier curves, arrows and shapes.

Mediator's powerful Vector Drawing tool lets you create impressive high-end graphics to be inserted directly into your Mediator projects or exported in a variety of formats including EMF, SWF, PNG etc.

Bump Map
Apply 3D textures to existing backgrounds or objects.

Text Object
A completely redesigned Text object gives you a broad range of text formatting options including indents and justification, the ability to create and format tables or insert pictures, spellchecking options and so on. The Text object lets you import RTF files.

Hypertext Object
Define a word or a phrase of your Text object as hypertext to give it the same interaction capabilities as any other Mediator object: show a descriptive label, go to another page, start a video and so on.

Use this object to enter headings. Apply a whole range of effects to them, including rotation or transform effects so that they appear curved or warped.

Media Player Object
Insert a Windows Media Player on your Mediator page to play streaming audio and video content such as ASF, WMV and WMA files. Also available in HTML export.

Select a video from any source and embed it on the page. The Video object is available in Flash export and can have special effects applied to it. Supports the formats AVI, MPG and FLV (Flash export).

Animated GIF
Select an animated GIF from any source.

Flash Object
Integrate existing Flash files directly into your Mediator project.

Create standard or custom buttons with pictures and text. You can even define the areas of the button that should not be stretched during resizing!

Animation Path
Create straight, curved or looped animation paths and use the Animate action to animate all kinds of objects along them.

Embedded Document
Place an Embedded Document object on your page to open websites and show web-based or other types of documents, including PDF files.

HTML Object
Embed HTML code such as JavaScript, PHP or ASP code seamlessly into your Mediator page or adapt the predefined code samples supplied to your own needs.

Input Object
Use this object to get input from the user or supply information.

List Box
Create a list of choices for the user to select from and perform different actions depending on these choices.

ActiveX Object
Insert one of the thousands of ready-made ActiveX objects available in your project to perform specific tasks.

Export and Distribution

For large presentations, choose the CD-ROM distribution, with or without installation of the project on the end user's computer. Mediator collects all the files used and places them in the same folder, ready for you to burn a CD or DVD. Mediator even automatically creates an auto-run file.

Self-Executable EXE
Embeds all the presentation files in a single EXE file. When the end user double-clicks the EXE, rather than being decompressed, the presentation files are streamed for optimum speed of execution. In addition, this format protects your pictures, videos and other material from unwanted copy by your end users.

Use this method to compress and save all the presentation files in a self-extracting EXE file. When the end user double-clicks the EXE, the files are decompressed and copied temporarily on their hard disk.

Create great looking websites with text, animation, input fields and so on. Now supports Bump Map, Drawing and Headline objects, as well as the Loop/Break action and the HTTP Request resource. All the HTML code produced by Mediator when exporting to HTML is validated according to the W3C HTML 4.01 standard.

Flash (.swf)
Convert your project to Flash (.swf files) and take advantage of the Mediator 9 Flash improvements! Video files (.flv) and List Box objects are now supported in Flash export. You can also export the Flash project as a single Flash file, for easier management and faster page transitions.

SCORM Compliancy
Mediator lets you create SCORM-compliant courses for export to Flash or HTML and upload to a Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Exchange of data between the course and the LMS takes place via two specific SCORM actions.

Project Optimizer
Let Mediator optimize your projects automatically before export by compressing all your pictures to the optimal file size or use the Optimizer manually to go through all the pictures one by one and determine your own quality settings.

FTP Upload Manager
Use the built-in FTP Upload Manager to upload your files to the web straight away. Mediator controls the entire process, ensuring that any errors are corrected. You can choose to upload only the changes made to your project since the last upload.

Meta Tags and XML Site Map
Add Meta tags to your document to help search engines list your website. Associate Alt tags to your pictures to enable access for people with various disabilities. You can also let Mediator generate an XML site map for your website, thus improving the visibility of your web pages by search engines.

Install Maker
The built-in Install Maker program helps you create CD-ROM installations with personalized settings for your end users.


The Events Dialog
Lets you apply interactivity to any object by combining events with actions. You can define several events for the same object, and allocate a sequence of different actions to each of these events.

Smooth 3D Transition Effects
More than 200 transition effects to really spark your presentations. Now includes some impressive real 3D effects for use in page transitions.

Use the Timeline action to execute a sequence of actions automatically. All your actions can be controlled over a given period of time with up to 1/1000 second precision. Sounds are now represented by a "wave", making it much easier to synchronize all kinds of different actions with the beats or rhythm of the sound.

Sound Control
Complete sound control. Adjust output level and balance on any sound.

Cursor Control
Change the cursor shape, for instance from an arrow to a hand. Still and animated cursors are supported. The Move Cursor action lets you move the cursor anywhere on the screen during runtime.

End User Drag & Drop
Allow your end users to move objects at runtime for complete interactivity.

Animate any object around the screen, even animated GIFs and videos, using straight, curved, or looped animation paths. Use the Preview button to check how the animated object will look at each point of the animation.

Collision Control
Objects that collide while moving (via animations or end user drag & drop) can trigger an event. A great feature for interactive games and action-packed multimedia presentations!

Set Property
Change an object's color, size, position, rotation angle and more during runtime. You can specify the duration of the change to ensure a smooth transition, and even use a project variable to define this duration dynamically at runtime depending on user action or other factors.

Animation Track
The Animation Track action gives you total control over the objects position, size, rotation, opacity and speed for perfect synchronization of simultaneous effects at runtime.

Web Link
Link buttons and hypertext objects (or any other object) to the web, make them download files, open a hard drive folder and so on. Simply enter the name of the website, folder or file you wish to open.

Prefilled Email
Let a click on a button or hypertext object (or any other object) prepare an e-mail with the Recipient, Subject and Body text fields already filled-in.


Ready-made Wizards
Make use of the pre-programmed wizards to create powerful high-end projects in a very short timeframe. You can for instance customize the product catalog with order form or one of the CBT questionnaires provided in a matter of minutes.

Project Variables
Allows you to store user input and other values. You can define text, integer, floating or boolean variables, as well as arrays to hold multiple values. Using a project variable, you can for instance define the duration of an animation at runtime, depending on user input or other factors.

System Variables
Access and use information such as OS, CPU, date, user name, temporary user folder and so on.

Assign, If-Then-Else, Loop and Sub Procedure Actions
These actions allow you to create programming structures.

Keyboard Actions
Assign events and actions to any key on the keyboard.

Execute Program
Launch other programs or access web pages in runtime.

INI File Support
Perfect for storing scores, user names, last visited page and so on.

Open Document
Create, open and print external files via the local menu of the program associated with the file extension on your computer.

Report Action
Lets you export end user input to an external file, for instance to create an electronic order form.

Print Pages, Pictures and Files
Print a screenshot of all the pages of your presentation or use the Execute, Open Document or Report action to print pictures, text and graphics from within your presentation.

Database Support
Mediator lets you establish a link between your project and databases such as Microsoft Access or MySQL. Connecting database fields to project variables lets you read and write the database entries.

HTTP Request Action
Allows you to communicate with any web server worldwide by retrieving content from web pages, communicating with on-line databases and interacting with CGI scripts.

ActiveX Object
Allows you to add ActiveX components to your Mediator application. Combine the Script action with ActiveX and create your own customized multimedia development tool.

Script Action
Adds the power of VB and Java to your multimedia projects. Create re-usable code, custom functions and advanced interaction in the easy-to-use code editor. Any COM object can be accessed from your script.

Debug Window
In Test mode, the Debug Window gives you a dynamic view of all your variables with their current value, as well as a list of the actions being executed. The perfect tracking tool for complex projects.