MindView - Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Data Collection and Timelines Made Easy!

MatchWare's MindView software is the choice of federal, state and local law enforcement for gathering information and creating professional timelines of accident and crime scene data. MindView's intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables police officers, investigators and other law enforcement professionals to quickly brainstorm and input data and then present this data as a timeline or export to PowerPoint, Word or a HTML website - all in minutes! MindView Gantt chart software lets you quickly and easily:

MindView is perfect for:

  • Timelines
  • Brainstorming data
  • Profiling
  • Case chronologies
  • Evidence charts
  • Data collection reports
  • Organizational charts
  • Flowcharts
  • Presentations
  • and much more!

Law Enforcement Software

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"There is simply nothing like managing a forensic study with this software. Crash or crime scene reconstruction, you can capture thoughts as fast as you can type. With the ease of drag and drop, you can organize, rearrange or add to a case study without worrying about reformatting your entire document or loosing your train of thought. This is particularly important when you are presenting a forensic analysis to a jury."

Bobby Jones, Assistant Chief
Knox County Sheriff's Office Knoxville, TN

"We are using MindView for creating timelines and flowcharts, planning agendas, lectures and presentations along with outlining our user manuals..."

Danish Police
Department of Serious and Organized Crime Agency

Organized Data

Data in the timeline or Mind Map can easily and quickly be reorganized, or enhanced by adding comments, pictures or videos, time so that evidence and events can be viewed along a timeline. Logical connections between pieces of data can be established not only by using the intuitive tree structure of a Mind Map, but by adding links to join apparently unconnected items. You can create your own Mind Maps or timelines from scratch, or use one of our ready-made templates specifically geared for law enforcement professionals.

Law Enforcement Mind Map Example
Criminal Profiling Mind Map
Law Enforcement Timeline Example
The Laci Peterson timeline


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The OJ Simpson Case
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The Laci Peterson Case
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9-11 Terrorist Attacks
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Conducting an Interview
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Crime Scene Field Notes
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Crime Scene Investigation
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Criminal Profiling
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Describing a Person
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Stolen Vehicle Report