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Essential MAC Mind Mapping Software for everyone!

MindView 5 MAC® is an easy to use MAC mind mapping software application designed to help users brainstorm, organize and present ideas. Based on the proven Mind Mapping® theory, it enhances creativity, clarifies thinking and improves memory retention and recall. MindView 5 MAC includes the new MAC Lion OS interface, a variety of ready-to-use concept map templates, easy-to-use wizards and professional clipart to improve your layout. Export your completed Mind Map® to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint, PDF or HTML.

Outline written Documents with MindView 5 MAC Mind Mapping software

MindView 5 Mac Edition, Universal OS X, brainsorm, mind maps, templates, mind mapping, outline documents

MAC cognitive map software is an ideal way to create an outline for written documents:

  • Visually brainstorm ideas for main and sub headings in a non-linear way.
  • Use the text editor (the note card) to add comments and notes to each heading section.
  • Cite sources by linking to documents, websites, text files and so forth.
  • Visually reorganize your headings (i.e. branches) by dragging and dropping them in the map.
  • Export to Word as a linear outline, using professionally designed, customizable templates.

Mac Mind Mapping Software with 5 Interchangeable views

MindView 5 MAC is a cutting edge MAC mind mapping software that lets you develop your Mind Map in 5 different views depending on the nature of your data or the audience you are presenting for. Users can easily switch back and forth between views to help reinforce topics and relationships. 
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Mac Mind Mapping Software with Powerful MS Office Integration

MindView 5 MAC is a powerful mind mapping software for MAC that is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. With a click of your mouse, users can generate clearly outlined Word® documents or professional PowerPoint® presentations. MindView 5 MAC lets you re-import exported documents into MindView while retaining or updating any additional work done respectively in Word or PowerPoint. You can even import native Word and PowerPoint files into MindView where the branch structure of the new Mind Map is based on the paragraph structure or the slide structure of your original Word or PowerPoint file.
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Export to:
Word/ RTF

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MindView 5 Mac Edition, Universal OS X, Export, Microsoft Word, linear outline, brainstorm, mind mapping


Export to Microsoft® Word

When MindView 5 MAC users export to Word, main ideas are exported as main headings, sub-ideas as sub-headings and so on. Choose between professional templates, include a table of contents, choose a numbering scheme, decide how to display attachments and more. Even choose between APA and MLA templates for heading and citation formatting.

MindView 5 Mac Edition, Universal OS X, Export, Microsoft Word, linear outline, brainstorm, mind mapping

Re-import from Microsoft® Word

If, while working on your document in Word, you realize that you have forgotten some key ideas, just make the changes in Word, and import your Word document back into MindView. Your Mind Map will be updated automatically. Native Word files can also be imported.

Storyboard presentations using MindView 5 MAC Mind Mapping software

MAC Mind Mapping software is an effective way to structure and allocate assets for presentations:

  • When storyboarding presentations, an idea in your Mind Map represents a slide or a page in your presentation, a sub-idea represents a sub-page or sub-slide and so on.
  • Attach assets to map branches (ideas), such as pictures, document files, even sound and videos files. These files are included when you export to PowerPoint, HTML and Mediator, and are displayed on their respective pages or slides.
  • Create hyperlinks, branch connections and other interactivity which will also be included when exporting.
  • Export to PowerPoint, HTML or Mediator using professionally designed templates.

Microsoft® PowerPoint

MindView 5 Mac Edition, Microsoft PowerPoint, presentation, slideshow, templates, attachments

When exporting the Mind Map to PowerPoint, select a professionally designed template and choose to include your text notes, comments, pictures or video files in your presentation. Once exported, you can make changes to your PowerPoint presentation and import the file back into MindView. Your Mind Map will be updated. Native PowerPoint files can also be imported.


MindView 5 Mac Edition, mind map, export wizard, HTML, no programming, website

Export to HTML quickly and effectively with no programming required! Use the Export Wizard or use the "One click" export option. Even the Timeline can be exported as HTML.

The Export Wizard

The Export Wizard for HTML and Mediator includes a number of ready-made templates offering optional top bar and side bar navigation styles. You can easily customize these templates according to your needs and save them for further use.

Create Timelines with MindView 5 MAC Mind Mapping software

MindView 5 Mac Edition, timeline view, timelines, historical, time

MindView 5 MAC is more than just MAC Mind Mapping software. Use MindView 5 MAC’s Timeline view as an effective way of displaying your work. Easily add dates and times to your branches and switch to the Timeline view to see the information displayed along a horizontal time axis. This is great for projects, presentations and task management.