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Extremely Intuitive User Interface

ALK - the world leader in allergy vaccination (immunotherapy)

"MindView has an extremely intuitive user interface. This intelligent piece of software makes it easy to create projects, reports and timelines or simply to organize general work. No training is necessary - MindView understands its user!"

Kenneth Riis
IT Operation Manager

Improve Meeting Productivity

BNP Paribas

"MindView makes brainstorming sessions more engaging, improves communication and collaboration within my teams."

Djamila Mauclaire
Director IT
BNP Paribas

Increase Efficiency


"By using MindView software SCI PM's are able to eliminate both rework and errors that arise when translating information from one application or document into another... SCI is experiencing a roughly a 30% increase in efficiency when producing deliverables during our initiation and planning phases."

Rod Paras, PMP
SCI Ltd.

Capture & Share Information

"MindView has greatly improved the way we capture and share information, from Mind Maps to Timelines to MS Office all within a click of a mouse. By using MindView, our biggest ROI has been the productivity savings this tool creates and the benefits of MS Office integration."

Craig Morris
Director Technical Solutions Centre
Kantar Operations

An Invaluable Tool

"Mindview is an invaluable tool for collecting and organizing ones thoughts, whether to make an important decision, outlining a presentation, or kicking off a project."

Stephen Orr
AMD Software

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