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ScreenCorder - Features

ScreenCorder's Powerful Features:

  • Full screen, window or user-defined recording area
    Easily select exact recording dimensions
  • Record audio together or separately
    Record audio in real time or after video recording
  • Visual and audio mouse clicks
    Add click sounds and visualize right and left mouse clicks
  • Correct mistakes in real time
    Go back and overwrite from any point in the recording
  • Insert and replace the audio or video material
    Add or replace audio and/or video sequences at any point of the recording
  • Add text and images
    Add written instructions, comments and images to recordings
  • Extensive Multimedia Catalog
    Add speech bubbles, animated objects, magnifiers and still images
  • Easily resize recordings
    Resize proportionately or stretch recordings
  • Webcam (Picture-In-Picture)
    Personalize recordings with webcam recordings
  • Set markers on specific frames
    Define markers to speed up editing operations
  • Make objects interactive
    Combine markers and interactivity to trigger actions or create menus
  • Insert Interactive Quizzes
    Assess users' understanding with SCORM compliant tests
  • Take snapshots of specific images
    Export snapshots to a preformatted Microsoft® Word document
  • Combine several recordings
    Merge multiple recordings into one video file
  • Easy export to
    WMV, SWF, FLV and AVI
  • Web Builder
    Built-in web templates for presenting videos online

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