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OpenMind 2 Service Pack

Service Pack 2

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the description of the Service Pack before downloading it to make sure that it corresponds to the license you have bought.

To verify the build number, select Help | About from the main menu.

  1. Make sure OpenMind is NOT running.
  2. Download the .msp file from the link below.
  3. Double click to run the program.
    The program will execute and install itself.
  4. Once complete, you can start OpenMind.
  5. Verify it has been updated: Select Help | About from the main menu.

If you are experiencing problems when installing the service pack releases, please try uninstalling the entire product and reinstall from the original CD before applying the service pack(s).

Please note that the OpenMind file format has been changed in Service Pack 2 in order to support the new OpenMind 2 Business Edition. This means that documents created with OpenMind Service Pack 2 cannot be opened in earlier versions (OpenMind 1 and OpenMind 2 with Service Pack 1). All OpenMind documents (OpenMind 1, OpenMind 2 and OpenMind Business Edition) can be opened once Service Pack 2 is installed.

Service Pack Download Links

OpenMind 2

This Service Pack is for the following OpenMind 2 versions only:

  • Commercial version
  • Education version - 20 user license
  • Education version - Unlimited site license

The service pack can only be applied to releases with build number 100 and 114. If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 174.

OpenMind 2 - School Version

This Service Pack is for the following OpenMind 2 versions only:

  • Education version - Single user license
  • Student/Teacher supplementary CDs installations

The service pack can only be applied to releases with build number 102 and 116. If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 175.

Installation Troubleshooting

If the installation does not start when double-clicking the .msp file:

You can download the patch helper: Patch Helper (36 KB)


  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file>
    (example: msiexec /p c:\temp\om2_sp1_en_b114.msp)

Special info for system administrators:

To patch the admin installation of OpenMind 2:

  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to admin .msi file>
    Note: This only applies to admin installations of OpenMind 2, i.e. installed with:
    <x>:\install\setup.exe /a
    where 'x' = CD-ROM drive letter

Service Pack 2 Updates

New Features:

  • A Map Styles category has been added to the Multimedia Catalog. Dragging a style onto the map in Mind Map view instantly changes the look of the map to the new style.
  • It is now possible to open documents created with the Business Edition.
  • More icons have been added to the Icons palette.
  • An indent/outdent feature has been added to the Outline view.

Fixed Issues:

  • OpenMind now supports multiple monitors.
  • The toolbar functionality in full screen mode has been improved.
  • New shortcuts have been introduced (switching between views, Text Note editor).
  • The Timeline view has been updated.
  • The Top Down view has been updated.
  • The view filtering functionality has been updated.
  • Deleting a branch no longer freezes OpenMind in some circumstances.
  • The visual representation of branch movements has been improved.
  • New floating comments now use the default text color instead of black.
  • The positioning of branch comments has been improved.
  • The branch connection functionality has been improved.
  • The resizing of images using handles has been improved.
  • The handling of line breaks in AutoCorrect has been improved.
  • Picture hyperlinks are now always preserved in the Text Note editor.
  • Several bugs have been fixed in the Undo functionality.
  • The copy/paste functionality has been improved.
  • The Mediator export has been optimized.
  • Exports to Microsoft Office have been updated for better compatibility with Office 2007.
  • The HTML export has been improved.
  • The handling of simultaneously opened files has been improved.
  • OpenMind files from removable media (such as CD-ROM) can now be opened as expected.
  • The error obtained when opening files from an off-line folder ("The Parameter is incorrect") has been confirmed by Microsoft and fixed in the following service pack:

Service Pack 1 Updates

New Features:

  • Timeline: Improvements have been made to the timeline axis indexing and date labeling.
  • Timeline: Hovering the diamond connector linking the branch to the timeline axis now displays a tool tip with the branch name, start time and end time.
  • Text Note editor: An Insert Picture icon has been added to the toolbar.

Fixed Issues:

  • OpenMind no longer freezes in some circumstances when closing a Mind Map template.
  • Spaces in branch names are now handled correctly in all situations.
  • The names of branches containing branch pictures are now always centered as expected under the branch picture.
  • Enabling word wrapping now makes the existing branch name text wrap to a default width.
  • When word wrapping is enabled, it is now easier to use the branch name resize handles when the zoom factor is less than 100%.
  • Copying branches containing branch connections no longer freezes OpenMind in some circumstances.
  • Pasting text from an external application to create the branch structure now always works as expected (tabs were not handled as separators in some circumstances).
  • Pressing Shift + Enter without a branch being selected no longer causes OpenMind to freeze.
  • Changing a color from the Properties dialog no longer decreases the opacity.
  • Attaching objects no longer causes OpenMind to freeze in rare circumstances.
  • The Detail Level icons of the Filter toolbar are now always enabled in Full Screen mode except in the Timeline view.
  • Find/Replace: Replacement in pop-up comments now always works as expected.
  • Spellchecker: Replacement of misspelled hyphenated words now works as expected.
  • Spellchecker: Undoing an auto-correction now works as expected.
  • Text Note editor: Improvements have been made with regards to speed.
  • Multimedia Catalog: The handling of the picture display area when minimizing the OpenMind window has been improved.
  • Icon palette: The Up Arrow icon now has a transparent background.
  • Timeline: The title no longer moves away from the timeline axis in some circumstances.
  • Timeline: The zoom factor no longer changes when filtering.
  • Timeline: The Timeline Outline no longer closes automatically when pressing Esc to exit from Full Screen mode.
  • Exports: Clicking Cancel during an export no longer causes OpenMind to freeze in rare circumstances.
  • HTML Export: The last template used is now saved for each document.
  • HTML Export: Other improvements have been made.
  • Word Export: The "Professional" and "Creative" templates now work as expected with Microsoft Word 2000.
  • PowerPoint Export: The "Fancy1" template now works as expected.
  • PowerPoint Import: Branch connections are now handled correctly when new slides have been inserted.
  • Mediator Export: Documents converted from OpenMind 1 that contain text notes are now exported as expected.
  • Several memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Other minor internal errors have been fixed.

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