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OpenMind 1 Service Pack

Service Pack 5

Includes Service Pack 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the description of the Service Pack before downloading it to make sure that it corresponds to the license you have bought.

To verify the build number, select Help | About from the main menu.

  1. Make sure OpenMind is NOT running.
  2. Download the .msp file from the link below.
  3. Double click to run the program.
    The program will execute and install itself.
  4. Once complete, you can start OpenMind.
  5. Verify it has been updated: Select Help | About from the main menu.

Service Pack Download Links

OpenMind 1

This Service Pack is for the following English OpenMind versions only:

  • Commercial version
  • Education version - 20 user license
  • Education version - Unlimited site license

It should be applied to OpenMind Build 70, 74, 77, 83 and 94 only. If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 100.

OpenMind 1 - School Version

This Service Pack is for the following English OpenMind versions only:

  • Education version - Single user license
  • Student/Teacher supplementary CDs installations

It should be applied to OpenMind Build 73, 79, 85 and 96 only. If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 101.

Installation Troubleshooting

If the installation does not start when double-clicking the .msp file:

You can download the patch helper: Patch Helper (36 KB)


  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file>
    (example: msiexec /p c:\temp\om_sp5.0_b100_en.msp)

Special info for system administrators:

To patch the admin installation of OpenMind 1:

  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to admin .msi file>
    Note: This only applies to admin installations of OpenMind 1, i.e. installed with:
    <x>:\install\setup.exe /a
    where 'x' = CD-ROM drive letter

Service Pack 5 Updates

New Features:

  • Pack and Go: On systems with large hard drives, this operation no longer fails in some circumstances.
  • HTML and Mediator Export: On systems with large hard drives, these operations no longer report that the template files cannot be found in some circumstances.
  • The OpenMind drawing area can now be larger than 1300x1000.

Service Pack 4 Updates

New Features:

  • Mediator Export:
    • Text objects no longer include a scroll bar.
    • The text contained now fits correctly in the text object.
    • Pictures are now scaled correctly.
  • Word Export: The default size of pictures has been increased.
  • HTHL Export:
    • Uncompressed Flash files are now exported with their default size.
    • The double HEAD tag has been removed.
    • Double quotes in branch names are now supported.
    • Specially formatted JPG pictures are now supported.
  • Comment pop-ups are now working correctly when Comments Animation has been disabled in the Preferences dialog.
  • The object list local menu no longer causes OpenMind to freeze when no object is selected.
  • Saving a document will now report an error if the document is not saved correctly (for example if there is not enough free space on the hard drive).
  • Print Preview no longer shows a blank screen in some cases.
  • All exports now allow export to the root drive and network folders.
  • It is now possible to open a "Pack & Go" document containing integrated files without any problems.

Service Pack 3 Updates

New Features:

  • Installation no longer fails to register during self-repair when new users open OpenMind for the first time (problem was affecting English and French versions only).
  • Mediator Export: Mediator pages containing Flash objects now work as expected.

Service Pack 2 Updates

New Features:

  • The document is now resized correctly when converting between the different views (Mind Map, Top Down and Left/Right).
  • The branch list order is now always preserved when converting between the different views.
  • Using the text editor context menu to paste text no longer inserts the text twice.
  • Inserting a pre-branch in a branch that is isolated from the branch list no longer fails.
  • Dragging & dropping several floating pictures onto a branch now inserts all pictures as expected, not just the first one.
  • Branches with pictures now always keep their icons in Top Down view.
  • Print problems affecting some printer drivers (hp business inkjet 1100 series) are now fixed.
  • Printing to PDF now works correctly.
  • Text notes no longer get deleted in some circumstances.
  • PowerPoint Export:
    • The template folder is now always evaluated correctly.
    • The Mind Map Page Background color is now used when no template is selected.
  • Word Export: The Mind Map picture shown before the Table of Contents is no longer scaled down.
  • HTML Export: The Object Positioning grid can now handle a large number of lines corresponding to attached pictures.
  • Mediator Export: The Mediator page property "Use in Contents" is now operational after the export of the document.
  • Exporting as a picture: The Mind Map Page Background color is now used.
  • A number of other internal errors have also been fixed.

Service Pack 1 Updates

New Features:

  • The Boundary property is now correctly disabled when creating a new branch
  • The Esc and Alt keys are now functioning as expected in the Text editor
  • The order of the objects can now be changed as expected in the Object list
  • Long filenames are now handled correctly in the HTML export
  • Several templates have been updated
  • The FTP Upload Manager is now using the correct language
  • Fit to screen is now working with collapsed branches
  • Generic drawing errors have been fixed
  • Double-clicking an OpenMind file now opens it as expected
  • Checking the "Do not show this dialog again" in the Welcome dialog is now working
  • Images are easier to scale in small zoom factors
  • Improved handling of "illegal" characters "< >..." in HTML export
  • Installations no longer require systematic rebooting
  • Export operations now check for file locks from other programs
  • Objects can now be deleted from the Object popup menu without OpenMind crashing
  • Word Export: Inserted images are now downscaled with their aspect ratio maintained
  • Word Export: The exported document now has the correct language settings
  • Word / PowerPoint: Export no longer requires users to have full access rights
  • New features:
    • Autoscroll: The map now auto-scrolls when dragging images, selecting and moving branches etc.
    • HTML Export: Graphics are no longer distorted
    • Improved image dragging

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