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OpenMind 2 Business Service Pack

Service Pack 1

IMPORTANT:Please read carefully the description of the Service Pack before downloading it to make sure that it corresponds to the license you have bought.

To verify the build number, select Help | About from the main menu.

  1. Make sure OpenMind is NOT running.
  2. Download the .msp file from the link below.
  3. Double click to run the program.
    The program will execute and install itself.
  4. Once complete, you can start OpenMind.
  5. Verify it has been updated: Select Help | About from the main menu.

If you are experiencing problems when installing the service pack releases, please try uninstalling the entire product and reinstall from the original CD before applying the service pack(s).

Service Pack Download Links

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 190.

Installation Troubleshooting

If the installation does not start when double-clicking the .msp file:

You can download the patch helper: Patch Helper (36 KB)


  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file>
    (example: msiexec /p c:\temp\om2_be_sp1_en_b190.msp)

Special info for system administrators:

To patch the admin installation of OpenMind 2:

  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to admin .msi file>
    Note: This only applies to admin installations of OpenMind 2, i.e. installed with:
    <x>:\install\setup.exe /a
    where 'x' = CD-ROM drive letter

Service Pack 1 Updates

New Features:

  • OpenMind BE now supports Microsoft® Excel XML export/import.

Fixed Issues:

  • OpenMind BE now supports multiple monitors.
  • Deleting a branch no longer freezes OpenMind BE in some circumstances.
  • Picture hyperlinks are now always preserved in the Text Note editor.
  • Several bugs have been fixed in the Undo functionality.
  • Pasting a floating comment no longer causes OpenMind BE to freeze in some circumstances.
  • Hovering the properties in the Properties dialog now always shows the correct tooltips.
  • Editing a collapsed branch no longer causes its expansion.
  • It is now possible to use the Windows keys to open context menus when editing branches as expected.
  • The toolbar functionality in full screen mode has been improved.
  • Text editor: Entering a full stop "." with a French keyboard now works as expected.
  • Spellchecker: The auto-correction no longer replaces incorrect words in some circumstances.
  • Converting from Timeline view to Mind Map view no longer makes the root branch background color transparent.
  • Importing a calendar file containing non-working days exceptions is now working as expected.
  • Importing task resources via an Address Book now opens the mail application if necessary.
  • Timeline view: Collapsed branches are now shown correctly on the timeline.
  • Timeline view: Timelines are now always refreshed correctly when opening the view.
  • Gantt view: It is now possible to open the Task Info dialog from the Gantt Outline context menu.
  • Gantt view: Some updates have been made to the scheduling engine.
    • It is now possible to change the constraint type of a summary task.
    • Adding lag time with a percentage is now always calculated correctly.
    • Durations spanning non-working exception days are now always calculated correctly.
  • The integration with Microsoft® Outlook has been updated.
  • MindManager® import: Now supports Resources, Completion, Priority and Branch Connections.
  • Word export: Minor fixes have been made.
  • HTML export: Tree lists now use the correct font size.
  • Pack & Go: Minor fixes have been made.
  • Microsoft Outlook Import/Export + Synchronize menu items are now grayed out when the version installed is not supported.
  • Microsoft Project Import/Export menu items are now grayed out when the version installed is not supported.
  • The activation system is now more fail safe.
  • The file recovery system has been improved to handle lost network connections.
  • The static linking to mapi32.dll has been removed to handle a Thunderbird bug.
  • The error obtained when opening files from an off-line folder ("The Parameter is incorrect") has been confirmed by Microsoft and fixed in the following service pack:

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