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OpenMind 2 Mac Service Pack

Service Pack 3

To install Service Pack 3:

  1. Make sure OpenMind is NOT running.
  2. Download the SP3 patch from the link below.
  3. Open the package and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once complete, you can start OpenMind.
  5. Verify it has been updated to Build 75: Select OpenMind > About OpenMind from the main menu.

If you experience problems when installing the service pack go to your home directory, delete the file Library/Preferences/com.matchware.OpenMind2.plist, and try installing again.

Service Pack Download Links

Service Pack 3 Updates

New Features:

  • Various stability and compatibility fixes for OpenMind Windows document importing.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Service Pack 2 Updates

New Features:

  • Conflict with PGPcontext.plugin fixed.
  • QuickLook plugin for Leopard users is included.

Service Pack 1 Updates

New Features:

  • Export and Import functionality has been enhanced. When exporting to Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® PowerPoint format, information about your mind map structure is saved in the exported file. If you reimport the file after making changes outside OpenMind, the original branch structure will be recovered wherever possible.
  • You can export to Microsoft RTF format as well as RTFD.
  • Compatibility with the OpenMind for Windows file format has been improved (File Open and Pack & Go).
  • You can save HTML export settings as a template for reuse in a future export.
  • On the Placement panel of the HTML export dialog, bold text is used to indicate the objects that have changed since the last export.
  • You can drag and drop several selected branches or floating objects at once.
  • When running a spell check, correction guesses are now shown in the context menu.
  • Various other fixes have also been implemented.

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