Unterstützung von Interaktiven Whiteboards und Tablet PCs

Sie wollen eine Mind Map von Hand zeichnen, diese dann aber nicht in einer Software noch einmal aufbauen müssen?

Wollen Sie mehr aus Ihrem interaktiven Whiteboard oder Tablet PC herausholen? Das ist jetzt mit dem erweiterten Stiftmodus in MindView 4 möglich. Verwenden Sie Standardgesten und Ihr Eingabegerät, um auf den freien Flächen der Ansicht zu schreiben oder zu zeichnen. MindView interpretiert das als Zweigtext oder als Haupt- oder Unterzweig, während Sie mit den Stiftwerkzeugen interaktive Inhalte zu den Zweigen hinzufügen können.

Perfect for:

  1. Whiteboard Sessions
  2. Brainstorming Sessions
  3. Presentations
  4. Project Planning
  5. Collaboration
  6. Training


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Using an Interactive Whiteboard

MindView is able to detect and support interactive whiteboards. All the operations are supported.

If you are using a SMART Board, MindView automatically switches to Pen Mode when you pick up a pen from the pen tray. In addition, MindView automatically sets its pen color and width to the color and width of the pen you picked up. Picking up the SMART Board eraser automatically selects the Erase Tool in MindView. When no pen has been picked up, a default black color is used.

Working in Pen Mode

MindView supports pen input as well as standard keyboard/mouse input, letting you insert digital ink data such as handwritten text and hand-drawn pictures on your branches. Although MindView's pen input features let you treat your computer mouse as a pen, they are designed for use with dedicated pen input devices such as tablet PC's, external digitizers, touch screens and interactive whiteboards.

Once attached to a branch, the ink data is treated just as any other branch element.

You can use pen input in the standard Mind Map views, namely Mind Map, Top Down and Left/Right.

Enabling Pen Input

To take advantage of MindView 4’s enhanced Whiteboard and Tablet PC integration, Enable Pen Input through the MindView options by checking “Enable Pen Input”.

Stiffmodus  Optionen

When pen input is enabled, a Pen Mode button appears in the bottom right corner of the MindView status bar, allowing you to set Pen Mode on and off.


Click it to enable Pen Mode.


How it Works - Using Gestures

Use standard gestures and your input device to start writing or drawing on the free space available in the view. MindView will interpret these as main branches and sub-branches.

Gesture Name Action Drawing Method
Delete Scratch-out Delete Draw at least 3 strokes, as horizontal as possible.
Cut Curlicue Cut Draw the curlicue at an angle, from bottom left to top right.
Copy Double-Curlicue Copy Draw the double-curlicue at an angle, from bottom left to top right.
Paste Caret Paste Draw both sides with equal length, with a sharp angle. You can draw in either direction.
Undo Left-semicircle Undo Draw the semicircle from right to left. The two ends should be on the same horizontal line.
Redo Right-semicircle Redo Draw the semicircle from left to right. The two ends should be on the same horizontal line.
Insert Branch Right Insert Branch Draw a single line from left to right.
Insert Sub-Branch Down-right Insert Sub-Branch Start with the down stroke, without lifting the pen. Draw the two sides with equal length and at a right angle.
Insert New Root Square Insert New Root Draw the square from the upper left corner, without lifting the pen. You can draw in either direction.

Using Ink Tools

As a unique storyboarding program, MindView enables you to instantly convert your Mind Maps to PowerPoint or Mediator presentations or websites. All notes and file attachments will be included and remain intact. With several easy to use professional templates, your projects will get noticed!

Pen Mode Toolbar

Using an Interactive Whiteboard

As well as using your pen to input text into MindView, you can also use the Windows built-in Tablet PC Input Panel. On Microsoft Vista and Windows 7, this panel can also be used to edit existing text.

Tablet PC Input

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