ScreenCorder 3

Servicepack 1

Dieses Servicepack updated ScreenCorder auf Build 30.

(*In der französischen Version von ScreenCorder ist das SP3 bereits enthalten)

Download (306kb)

Die folgenden Dinge wurden verändert:

  • Option of exporting a recording made in 256 colors to AVI using 8 bit video codecs (not only 24 bit video codecs).
  • User can specify where temporary files should be placed.
  • When exporting to a file that already exists, the old file is now automatically deleted first. This fixes the problem of the file keeping it's old size even though the new recording is smaller than the old one.
  • Crash when AVI files exported AVI files exceeded the 2GB file size limit. The exported file will still be useless, but a message explaining the problem
    (and how to avoid it) is displayed.
  • A "GIF export" crash bug that occured randomly.

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