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MindView as a project control tool in the Town Council of Dormagen. A success story.

July 31st, 2019


Wolfgang Zimmer
Head of IT, Dormagen Town Council

Town Council

Town Profile

The town of Dormagen, with approximately 64,300 inhabitants, ranks among Germany’s middle-sized cities and is situated in close proximity to both Cologne and Düsseldorf. To achieve a lean and effective town administration, Dormagen relies on digitizing its processes.

As head of the IT department, Wolfgang Zimmer is in charge of driving forward the digitization of processes in the Town Council of Dormagen. He tells us in a short interview about the benefits Dormagen gained from introducing MindView as a new project control tool.


Why did Dormagen opt for MindView?

We had long been looking for a tool capable of controlling large and small projects. MindView offers just that, without a complicated interface and without the need for much training.


What advantages do you see over other software providers?

MindView is well suited to the user, because although it offers many possibilities, they don’t require to be explored in their furthest depths.


In which areas are you using MindView?

IT, building management, school administration, town planning and business development.


What benefits have you gained from introducing MindView?

MindView allows us to develop our projects quickly, large or small, from a simple mind map, which we can then display in different views depending on requirements.

Being able to export a project in PDF format is very useful both for documentation purposes and for the decision process with upper management.


What do users appreciate about MindView?

MindView is quick and easy to learn, and lets you achieve your goals rapidly.


What other fields of application do you envisage?

Any activity requiring the organization and monitoring of tasks, resources, events and costs.


What is your experience of collaborating with MatchWare?

It is a helpful and committed company.


Do you recommend MindView?

Yes, definitely.




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