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Mediator 7 Service Pack

Service Pack 5

IMPORTANT: You should not install a Service Pack if you are close to a deadline and don't have any specific problems. We recommend that you check your projects after applying a Service Pack.

  1. Make sure Mediator is NOT running.
  2. Download the .EXE file from the link below.
  3. Once downloaded, double click to run the program.
  4. The program will execute and install itself.
  5. When finished you can start Mediator.
  6. Verify it has updated: Select Help|About from the main menu.
    The build number must be 180 or 181 if the service pack is applied successfully.

Service Pack 5:

Fixed Issues:

  • The Open Doc action no longer causes Mediator to freeze when you switch between 2 projects in Test mode with Mediator Designer.
  • Animating a polygon object while moving the mouse in/out of the object no longer causes Mediator to freeze.
  • Transparent and rotated pictures no longer cause Mediator to freeze in some situations when only parts of the object are drawn.
  • Picture Object: The Mouse Up event is now always triggered even if the mouse pointer is no longer inside the object.
  • The File Open dialog no longer causes Mediator to freeze when the list of recent files refers to a removable drive which does not contain any support. This applies to all File Open dialogs including the Picture and Video Open File dialogs.
  • A number of other issues have been fixed.

Previous Service Pack Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Reveal effects: 4.0 bug fixed
  • Master page: if you rename a master page the new name is now updated on pages referring to the master page.
  • Auto-naming of actions optimized. Increased speed when editing pages with many actions.
  • Mediator no longer hangs when changing the sound on a sound resource which is already running.
  • Animation Track - Should not ask to remove "Path Position" track when changing object
  • Variables dialog shortcut (Ctrl+F9) not working when Events dialog has focus.
  • Animating/rotating a polygon will sometimes leave pixels on the screen if frame width > 1
  • When moving input fields (at the top right corner) the graphic doesn't work properly
  • Multimedia Catalog error when you open User tab (French version)
  • Set Property action - When you check "Value as expression" that text field does not have focus
  • Possible crash if you try to add arrows to a single point "polygon"
  • Crash when creating a new text object and user does not have read/write access to mediator.dat
  • Crash if ActiveX control has a set property that causes the current window to lose focus
  • (Soft) reveal effect crash
  • If you create an EXE (direct) Advanced Distribution and do NOT select BugBuster, the exe file does not work. It only opens the runtime file.
  • Crash when playing some uncompressed sounds
  • Possible crash in Undo when the page contains object variables
  • If you copy a page into the Multimedia Catalog and re-paste it immediately (without having closed the Catalog in the meantime) Mediator crashes.
  • Crash when using flash device fonts and scrollbar
  • Polygon arrows are not displayed correctly if you select values higher than 1 for the width of the line
  • Object properties are saved when you exit test mode
  • If you enable scrollbar and then apply shadow to a list box, the scrollbar no longer works.
  • The Open MD8 action loses the page name in Mediator 7 EXP.
  • Additional program files - insert wrong path in IPJ file
  • Sounds do not work in HTML export if you have Windows Media Player 9.0 installed.
  • Copy - paste is not working (hard copy from the screen)
  • If you have a project with a custom shape window which opens a full screen fixed size project, this 2nd project is displayed within the mask of the 1st project.
  • When pasting text into the text object, from Word for instance, you get some illegal characters.
  • Text (for instance on buttons) using MS Sans Serif and other system fonts is invisible.
  • Effects are always 500 ms, instead of using the customized times.
  • Mediator-Link in HTML Export still has the Mediator 6 URL.
  • Presentation in window mode: If you drag the area (the presentation) outside the screen and back in again, the Active Document area is black.
  • If you have a scrollable picture for which you enable drag / auto scroll, shadow and glow, drag / auto scroll does not work any more.
  • The File Write action does not set the Result variable.
  • Sound Volume action crash
  • The transparent background becomes visible if you show/hide an image with an implode/explode effect.
  • Print to File does not apply the .rtf extension automatically in the German version of Mediator 7 Pro and Mediator 7 EXP.
  • If three similar (same filename) animated GIF's are placed on a page and exported to Flash, only one of the GIF's is shown on the page.
  • A drop target does not get the On Drop event when covered by an invisible object.
  • Some MP3's play too slowly in Flash export.
  • Text search is not working when a text object is included in a group.
  • Web Links update in both Mediator and the redirect page
  • Pages with many objects cause the Flash Player to crash.
  • In addition to all the above-mentioned issues, multiple other minor issues have been fixed.

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