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Mediator 8 Service Pack

Service Pack 5

IMPORTANT: You should not install a Service Pack if you are close to a deadline and don't have any specific problems. We recommend that you check your projects after applying a Service Pack.

Please read carefully the description of the Service Pack before downloading it to make sure that it corresponds to the license you have bought.

This Service Pack includes Service Pack 1, 2, 3 and 4. It should only be applied to versions of Mediator 8 installed from the original CD or to which Service Pack 1, 2, 3 or 4 has been applied.

  1. Make sure Mediator is NOT running.
  2. Download the .msp file from the link below.
  3. Double click to run the program.
    The program will execute and install itself.
  4. Once complete, you can start Mediator.
  5. Verify it has been updated: Select Help | About from the main menu.

Please note that the position of all panels and other settings such as toolbar icons and list of recently opened files will revert to their default values after installing the Service Pack.

If you are experiencing problems when installing the service pack releases, please try uninstalling the entire product and reinstall from the original CD before applying the service pack(s).

Service Pack Download Links

Mediator 8 Exp

This Service Pack is for the Mediator 8 Exp version only.

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 154 (select Help | About from the main menu).

Mediator 8 Pro

This Service Pack is for the following Mediator 8 Pro versions only:

  • Commercial version
  • Education version - 20 user license
  • Education version - Unlimited site license

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 154 (select Help | About from the main menu).

Mediator 8 Pro - School Version

This Service Pack is for the following Mediator 8 Pro versions only:

  • Education version - Single user license
  • Student/Teacher supplementary CDs installations

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 155 (select Help | About from the main menu).

Mediator 8 Std

This Service Pack is for the Mediator 8 Std version only.

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 154 (select Help | About from the main menu).

Installation Troubleshooting

If the installation does not start when double-clicking the .msp file:

You can download the patch helper: Patch Helper (36 KB)


  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file>
    (example: msiexec /p c:\temp\Mediator8.0_Sp4_b140_pro_en.msp)

Special info for system administrators:

To patch the admin installation of Mediator:

  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to admin .msi file>
    Note: This only applies to admin installations of Mediator, i.e. installed with:
    <x>:\install\setup.exe /a
    where 'x' = CD-ROM drive letter

Service Pack 5 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Flash export: Mediator 8 now supports Flash® Player 9.
  • HTML export: The Media Player object is now supported in Firefox (PC using Media Player only).
  • HTML export: Updates and fixes for HTML export to Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox.
  • HTML export: The Open Document action has been extended to support the opening of files in HTML export (files attached to an OpenMind document exported to Mediator can therefore now be opened as expected).
  • HTML export: Navigation in exported HTML documents has been updated.
  • Objects drawn with the built-in Drawing tool are no longer cut off if they extend beyond the edges of the document.
  • Open MD8: Loading projects without a full path no longer freezes Mediator when certain objects are included.
  • The "Add Hotspot" and "Add Hotspot Object" commands have been removed from the context menu of picture objects in HTML mode as they are not supported in that mode.
  • The scrollbar color properties have been removed from the properties available for text objects in HTML mode as they are not supported in that mode.
  • Resources: Minor fix in the handling of resource icons.
  • The Rotate center coordinates are no longer reset by error on certain elements.
  • Using disallowed international characters in variable names now give a warning message.
  • Animated GIFs now rewind to frame 1 if the Repeat property is disabled.
  • @NEXT no longer reopens the current page if there are no following pages.
  • InstallMaker no longer causes problems when pressing Enter in certain control elements.

Service Pack 4.1 Updates (French and Danish only)

Fixed Issues:

  • Mediator no longer freezes when choosing Document | Properties in the main menu in the French or Danish version of Mediator 8. Note that this problem only affected the French and Danish versions of Mediator 8. No other changes have been made to the program in this Service Pack.

Service Pack 4 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Mediator 7 projects created in "Beginners mode" are now converted correctly to the Mediator 8 "Standard" document type.
  • Printing all the pages in a document no longer gives an empty page.
  • The Document Merge function has been improved.
  • It is now possible for restricted users to change all object properties as expected.
  • Mediator Viewer (runtime): Various problems when running the Mediator Viewer as a restricted user have been fixed.
  • Mediator Viewer (runtime): It is now possible to open the same .md8 Mediator file from more than one computer. (Previously the Mediator Viewer would lock the file, preventing its second instance from opening the file.)
  • Mediator Viewer (runtime): The application icon is now updated as expected when switching between projects with different icons.
  • When installing a Mediator project, the Start menu icon is now set correctly.
  • Picture objects will now use antialiazing if enabled during animation of the picture.
  • When pasting pictures into Mediator, the Save Picture dialog now shows the existing PNG files in the folder.
  • Media Player object: This object now keeps repeating if the play count is set to zero. (This is a work around designed to ensure compatibility with older Mediator projects.)
  • Media Player object: You can now change the "Play count" property using the spin controls.
  • Drawing object: Memory leaks have been fixed in the drawing of this object.
  • Drawing tool: When exporting to BMP, PNG or JPEG the exported picture is no longer cut off at the right and bottom edges.
  • The Multimedia Catalog is now disabled in text and polygon editing mode.
  • Animation path: When editing an animation path, Mediator will only ask about connecting end points if you move the start or end point.
  • The "click zone" of a rotated polygon object with a line width > 2 now works as expected.
  • Active Document object: When using an active document object in runtime, Mediator no longer freezes when exiting with Alt-F4.
  • Input object: This no longer shows a non-existing border if you have enabled the Glow or Shadow property.
  • Input object: Pressing Enter in an input field no longer adds a line break (or causes a "ding" system sound if the input object is not "multiline").
  • Input object: Read-only Input objects will no longer get an On Stop event.
  • On Stop event: The page is now "reset" after Test mode for all actions on the page On Stop event.
  • Email action: You can now specify more than one email address in the "To" field by separating them with ";".
  • Set Property action: Changing the position of an animated GIF object using this action will no longer freeze Mediator on some computers.
  • Set Property action: Changing more than one property for the same object now works as expected.
  • Timeline, If-Then-Else, Loop actions: The Cancel button now work correctly in these action dialogs.
  • Move Cursor action: This action now shows the duration when used in a timeline.
  • Start, Stop, Pause actions: These actions now support @ThisObject.
  • Script action: String parameters are now parsed correctly to the script.
  • Changes made to visible properties such as color on objects placed inside a group are now visible during Show/Hide effects on the group.
  • Sound resources using a variable as path are now working correctly.
  • Timeline resource: Mediator now reacts to user input as expected even when the Timeline resource repeats fast.
  • The custom shape window now works as expected in all distribution modes.
  • HTML export: PNG files with alpha channels are now supported in Internet Explorer.
  • HTML export: The Email action now works as expected when making use of variables.
  • HTML export: The SUBSTR function should now work as expected.
  • HTML export: All the predefined Go to Page functions such as @FirstChild, @Parent and so on now work correctly.
  • HTML export: The content encoding is now always set to ISO-8859-1 to allow the browser to auto-detect the content-encoding in all circumstances.
  • Flash EXE export: You will now only been asked about image optimization once.
  • Flash EXE export: Mediator no longer freezes if you try to overwrite an exe file already in use.
  • The Set Property "Clicks" example now works as expected.
  • Memory leaks when scaling antialiazed pictures have been fixed.
  • Other minor internal errors have been fixed.

Service Pack 3 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • When dragging a page around the workspace using the mouse and space bar, the selected objects (if any) no longer inadvertently snap to the grid.
  • Stretching with alpha channels now always work as expected.
  • Drag&Drop action: The problem whereby the object sometimes moves under the cursor as you start dragging it is now fixed.
  • DB Pointer action: The Browse dialog now shows the Database Resources as expected.
  • Grouped objects: When an action placed on a group object refers to a file (e.g. the Sound action), the file is now included as expected in the distribution version of the project.
  • Action descriptions are now shown as expected in the Timeline, If-Then-Else and Loop actions.
  • Input Object: A Start action on a Stop event no longer causes Mediator to freeze in some circumstances.
  • The File | Print menu is now shown as expected for documents of type HTML.
  • Keys corresponding to characters (e.g. A, B, C) now trigger only one On Key Down event when pressed.
  • Resources no longer lose their names (this bug was introduced by SP2).
  • Optimized pictures are now used correctly in runtime.
  • Pictures associated with transition effects are now included in runtime versions.
  • Text object: Importing text files now always work as expected.
  • It is now possible to increase the value of integer fields in the Properties dialog from 999 to 1000 as expected.
  • The Media Player, Active Document and Flash objects can now be shown again as expected after a Hide action.
  • Animated GIF: The transparent color is now used as expected during show/hide effects and the GIF is animated during the effect.
  • Custom Shape Window: Dragging the window in Test mode (using the red area) now works as expected.
  • Custom Shape Window: This feature now works as expected in the EXE (direct) distribution mode.
  • Cursor files are now used correctly in runtime.
  • HTML export: Blank lines in text objects are no longer removed.
  • HTML export: Improved text formatting when using Firefox.
  • HTML export: A number of problems occurring when using Firefox 1.02 have been fixed.
  • HTML export: Pictures are now always converted to GIF if their transparent color property is set.
  • HTML export: The actions Set Property, If-Then-Else and Assign now work as expected when used on page events.
  • HTML export: Transparent Input objects are now supported.
  • HTML export: Object names, object properties and variables are no longer case sensitive.
  • HTML export: Expressions can now include the characters ().
  • HTML export: The Web Link action now supports expressions in the URL field.
  • Flash export: md8lib.js is no longer included in the main html file (only needed in HTML export).
  • Mediator Exp: The Script editor now correctly highlights the VB Script keywords.
  • Mediator Exp: In HTML export, the HTTP Request action no longer cancels all following actions.
  • Mediator Exp: In Flash export, the HTTP Request action now works as expected.
  • Mediator Exp: The Animation Track action no longer causes Mediator to freeze at runtime in some circumstances.
  • Mediator Exp: Scripts are now working correctly in runtime.
  • Mediator Exp: Operators with names (AND, OR, etc.) are now parsed correctly when using Script functions in Mediator expressions.
  • A number of other internal errors have also been fixed.

Service Pack 2 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • CD-ROM distribution: The procedure described in the Distribution section of the documentation under "Data folders in large CD-ROM projects" now works as expected.
  • Mediator no longer freezes when the Open File dialog refers to a removable drive which is no longer accessible.
  • Mediator no longer freezes in test and runtime mode when placing a Go to Page action on the On Stop event of an input object.
  • Mediator no longer freezes in some situations when placing a Go to Page action on the On Stop event of a video object.
  • Pressing Esc or Return when viewing the HTML tab of the Document Properties dialog no longer causes the tab to disappear.
  • Font Embedding now works as expected in runtime mode.
  • Flash/HTML export: Actions placed in a Timeline or If-Then-Else action now always work as expected.
  • HTML Export with frames: It is no longer necessary to click the Back button twice to leave the frame. A side effect of this fix is that the background color of the browser will now stay visible until the page has been loaded.
  • Antialiazing in Windows 98/ME: When drawing the same letter twice, the second letter is no longer ignored.
  • Soft Reveal transition effect pictures are now included in runtime mode.
  • The screen is now always updated correctly when using Show/Hide or Set Property on objects within groups.
  • Flash object: The Start and Stop actions are now supported.
  • Merge: This feature is now working as expected.
  • Picture Hotspots: Deleting or moving a hotspot no longer causes the picture to be deleted or Mediator to freeze when using Edit Undo immediately afterwards.
  • Text Object: It is now possible to use the scroll bar up arrow button to scroll up a text object as expected.
  • Mediator Std: The Web Link action now works as expected.
  • Mediator Std: The Layout 2 of the Video Album Wizard is now working as expected.
  • Mediator Std: The Screen Saver distribution mode is now working as expected.

Service Pack 1 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Tile now works on pictures with alpha channels.
  • Mediator no longer freezes when deleting a hypertext object after an Undo operation.
  • School version now able to create runtime CDs (missing files added in runtime folder).
  • Message Box action now working in runtime.
  • Message Box action no longer gives an "error: top page" message during page turns in HTML export with no frames.
  • Database actions/resource now working in runtime.
  • Animation: "Follow animation path angle" property now working in runtime.
  • Animation: "Follow animation path angle" now calculated correctly when "reverse" animating.
  • Clipboard formats updated (to support copy&paste of objects from Mediator 7 to Mediator 8).
  • Mediator no longer freezes when stopping a sound resource.
  • Video object: Show/Hide operations now set the "internal" show state correctly (a Show action on a hidden object will now show the object as expected).
  • File Assign action no longer reports an error when using Check Page/Document when a Result variable has been specified. Mediator no longer freezes if the Result variable does not exist.
  • Flash export: Text object scrollbars now scrolling as expected.
  • HTML export: Set Property action now working as expected.
  • HTML export: Buttons on master pages no longer in "pressed" state instead of "normal" state.
  • HTML export: System variables @ScreenXsize and @ScreenYsize now working correctly.
  • Multimedia Catalog: Connected folders are now saved as expected when Mediator is installed without the Multimedia Catalog (Minimum Install).
  • Input objects with a "Go to Page" action on the "On Change" event no longer cause Mediator to freeze.
  • Drawing tool (VectorDraw) now supported in EXE (direct) distribution.
  • Picture effects: Effect picture paths are now adjusted in case the Mediator installation has been moved to another folder.
  • View | Preferences: The options "Invisible objects, show name", "Save auto-recovery info" and "Check for program update" are no longer reset to their defaults after restarting Mediator.
  • Renaming an object using the local menu now updates the object name on the workspace.
  • Buttons: Edit box now sufficiently large.
  • Picture Adjust Size dialog: "Use as background picture" option no longer automatically used when "Do not show this dialog again" is selected.
  • Small MP3 files (where length < sample buffer) no longer cause Mediator to hang.
  • Multi-User mode in Windows 98 1st Edition: The Multi-User Status window no longer cause Mediator to hang when showing pages locked by the user himself (on the Windows 98 computer). A limitation is that the user will not be able to see his/her own locked pages.
  • Mediator now only checks for updates if the user has administrator rights on the computer.
  • Resize Document no longer cause Mediator to hang (was affecting particularly Windows 98 1st Edition).
  • Execute action no longer causes Mediator to hang during runtime when waiting for an application to finish.
  • Media Player object: If Media Player 7 is not available, Mediator no longer shows a "debug assertion" message when going to the page following the page containing the Media Player object.

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