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MindView - Gantt Chart Software

Gantt Charts Made Easy: MatchWare MindView!

Looking for easy-to-use Gantt chart software? MindView allows you to quickly and easily create Gantt charts, project timelines and is integrated with Microsoft® Project . Until recently, dynamic Gantt chart software was only available in expensive, complex software packages. With MindView, effective project management is now fast, easy and affordable.

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"...MindView is among the best brainstorming and project management software you'll find. It breathes visual life into business ideas and data."

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Create Gantt Charts in 4 Easy Steps

Key Features

  • Built-in Gantt Chart
  • Built-in Project Timeline
  • Export / import to MS Office®
  • Integration with MS Project®
  • XML export / import
  • FREE MindView Viewer

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How to Build a Gantt Chart

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From WBS to Gantt Chart Instantly

To visualize complex project information and effectively collaborate with your team, start by brainstorming your project plan in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or the Mind Map view; then add scheduling information, and simply switch to the built-in Gantt chart view to refine your plan. Faster and easier than traditional white board exercises, MindView enables you to capture project scopes, schedules, and deliverables and display them in an easy to understand visual format.

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How to Build a Gantt Chart with MindView

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Fine Tune Your Gantt Chart

MindView is the perfect Gantt chart software to manage task information from start to finish. Build schedules, allocate resources, manage schedule and scope changes to keep your projects on time and on budget ­ all in a visually appealing interface.

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Download Gantt Chart Software for Free!

Integrate Your Gantt Chart With MS Project

MindView enables you to export your Gantt chart to Microsoft Project for further development. You can also import Gantt charts from MS project.

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Show the Gantt Chart as a Timeline

As a premium Gantt chart software, MindView allows you to communicate your Gantt chart as a timeline, simplifying the project plan for people unfamiliar with Gantt charts!

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