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MindView 5 Service Pack

Service Pack 3

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the description of the Service Pack before downloading it to make sure that it corresponds to the license you have bought.

To verify the build number, click the MindView Button, click MindView Options in the bottom right and choose the Resources panel.

  1. Make sure MindView is NOT running.
  2. Download the .msp file from the link below.
  3. Double click to run the program. The program will execute and install itself.
  4. Once complete, you can start MindView.
  5. Verify it has been updated: click the MindView Button, click MindView Options in the bottom right and choose the Resources panel.

If you are experiencing problems when installing the service pack releases, please try uninstalling the entire product and reinstall from the original CD before applying the service pack(s).

Service Pack Download Links

If the Service Pack is applied successfully, the build number will be updated to 180.

Installation Troubleshooting

If the installation does not start when double-clicking the .msp file:

You can download the patch helper: Patch Helper (36 KB)


  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file>
    (example: msiexec /p c:\temp\mv5_en_sp3_b180.msp)

Special info for system administrators:

To patch the admin installation of MindView 5 Business:

  1. Choose Start - Run
  2. Type: msiexec /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to admin .msi file>
    Note: This only applies to admin installations of MindView 5, i.e. installed with:
    <x>:\install\setup.exe /a
    where 'x' = CD-ROM drive letter

Service Pack 3 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Text Note Editor:
    • When pasting multiple formats, the default format is now always text (instead of picture).
    • When pasting a picture in the Text Editor, the picture is now always linked (and not embedded in some circumstances).
    • When pasting a picture in the Text Editor, the picture is now placed in the document folder and not the parent folder.
  • Shared Workspace: The connection timeout problem causing the Retry dialog to appear in some circumstances is now fixed.
  • The Timeline Outline is now updated as expected when opening a new Timeline document.
  • MindManager import: It is now possible to import multiple roots.
  • The MindView Windows Search Filter now cleans up temporary files as expected.
  • The file system has been enhanced to support bigger documents.
  • Word Quick Export: Open Folder now opens the export folder and selects the exported file as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • XML Export now includes OPML format (Outline Processor Markup Language).

Business Edition

Fixed Issues:

  • Microsoft Outlook: Synchronization now works as expected after export and import.
  • Inactive tasks are now taken into account in the completion of summary tasks.
  • Microsoft Project Export: Fixed Duration tasks are now exported as expected.
  • Gantt Chart: Improvements have been made to the user interface when using branch filtering.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • MindView 5 BE now supports documents from the MindView 5 BE Mac version.

Service Pack 2 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Floating pictures:
    • The 'Zoom Fit All' command now takes attached floating pictures which have been recently moved into account.
    • The issue whereby floating pictures were moved a long distance away when converting between views is now fixed.
  • Branch pictures:
    • When converting a branch picture to a floating picture or an attachment, the layout of the neighboring branches is now updated as expected.
  • Floating comments:
    • Floating comments attached to a branch now keep their background color after resizing instead of showing the branch background color.
    • Resizing unattached floating comments no longer causes MindView to freeze.
    • Deleting floating comments no longer causes display issues.
    • Branch connections: Following a branch connection from one document to another now selects the linked branch of the target document as expected instead of selecting its root.
  • Focus mode:
    • When using branch focus and clicking the map, the focus now stays on the focused branch as expected.
    • The map no longer scrolls out of focus when selecting a branch connection.
  • Exit from Print Preview:
    • The display problems occurring when exiting from Print Preview have been solved.
    • On exit, the Quick Access Toolbar is now preserved without losing any of the commands added by the user.
  • Branch selection when deleting a branch has been enhanced. Instead of selecting the parent of the deleted branch, the next branch is now selected.
  • Applying a page color when the ribbon is compacted no longer causes MindView to freeze in some circumstances.
  • Disabling a gradient from the ribbon now works as expected and no longer causes MindView to freeze.
  • Setting the Outline fill of a branch to No Fill no longer causes MindView to freeze.
  • Chinese characters are now shown correctly in the map.
  • The expanded state of branches being copied/pasted is now preserved.
  • The numbering scheme is now updated correctly when changing the order of the branches in the Outline view.
  • When Auto-Layout is disabled, the moving of main branches has been enhanced with a visual representation of where the branch will be inserted.
  • The Properties panel is now updated as expected when switching from one view to another.
  • MindView now saves text changes as expected when going directly from editing a branch (without removing the focus) to another operation (e.g. attaching a file).
  • The Help feature of the Spellchecking Options dialog now works as expected.
  • Additional folders: Files linked from additional folders are now updated correctly when unpacking the document.
  • Embedded files:
    • Saving changes repeatedly to an open embedded file now works as expected and no longer gives a warning message.
  • Timeline:
    • Geological scale: The suffix 'm' (million years) now also works for positive numbers.
    • Historic timescale: It is now possible to enter years from 9 BC to 9 AD as expected.
    • Historic timescale: When using the keyboard to navigate in the Time Picker dialog, it is now possible to tab between all the fields as expected, including the date.
    • Standard timescale: It is now possible to enter years from 1 AD to 9 AD as expected.
    • Having an empty Start Time/End Time field in the Timeline Outline no longer causes MindView to freeze.
  • Shared Workspace:
    • Floating pictures and floating comments that are not attached to a branch no longer move to the top right of the map in some circumstances when switching between views.
    • When users work on a shared file using different views, pictures added by one user are now visible to the other users immediately.
    • If one user moves the root of a shared map, the map no longer appears differently to some users.
    • If one user changes the size of a shared map, the map no longer seems to 'jump' when viewed by other users.
    • SharePoint integration now handles national characters as expected.
    • When opening a MindView 4 document, all the attachments are now downloaded before the document is disconnected.
  • Texthelp Read&Write: Enhancements have been made for better support.
  • The support of old OpenMind/MindView documents has been enhanced.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • Shared Workspace: The user list in the Manage Locks dialog can now be sorted by header.
  • Insert Hyperlink dialog: It is now possible to add a hyperlink by browsing the MatchWare Workspace and Microsoft SharePoint online workspaces.

Business Edition

Fixed Issues:

  • Gantt View:
    • The Outline panel and Gantt chart positions are now saved with the document.
    • The width of the Task Name column is now saved with the document.
    • The vertical line showing the current date is now also displayed when printing.
    • The Entry column is now shown as expected when printing a Gantt chart.
    • Constraint dates no longer change when opening an old document saved in a different time zone.
  • The Project Start and End times are now preserved when opening the document in a different time zone.
  • Pasting a task containing resources no longer causes its duration to be set to zero.
  • Tasks start and end times are now calculated correctly when non-working time is included in the time span.
  • Summary tasks are now always calculated correctly.
  • Adding a predecessor in the Task Information dialog by typing its entry ID now works as expected.
  • Microsoft Project Import: This now opens the document in the Gantt view immediately instead of showing the mind map briefly first.
  • Excel Spreadsheet XML export: This operation no longer fails.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • Outline: The view now auto-scrolls when moving branches near the top or bottom of the Outline.
  • Excel Export: The Excel Export dialog now contains an 'Include legend with fixed data' option. This includes a legend showing calculation constants and resource cost values in the spreadsheet.
  • Support for Dragon Naturally Speaking has been added.

Service Pack 1 Updates

Fixed Issues:

  • Bibliography sources and citations: The issue whereby these were not included in the document until it was saved, which had an impact when using Word export or the Send feature (as the sources could not be found), has now been fixed.
  • Word Export:
    • The issue whereby picture files were using incorrect file extensions is now fixed.
    • The issue occurring with attachments using national characters is now fixed.
  • Text Note Editor:
    • The context menu is now available even when the Text Note editor has been undocked.
    • In some situations, adding or editing a hyperlink caused the loss of the downloaded website icon (favicon) and the preview showed an empty icon. This has now been fixed.
  • Data Files dialog: When using this feature, embedded files were sometimes removed from the document. This has now been solved.
  • Branch Text Editor: Auto-correction is now handled correctly when leaving editing mode.
  • Top Down View: The problem created by using the Compact Map feature in Manual Layout mode (option Auto-Layout in Properties unchecked) has now been solved.
  • Outline View:
    • Printing outlines with more than 526 branches no longer shows empty squares.
    • The Save as Picture feature no longer cuts off the lower part of the picture.
  • Spellchecker:
    • In some cases, wrongly spelt words replaced during spell checking were not saved. This is now fixed.
    • When the option "Check spelling as you type" is disabled, the spellchecker no longer shows strings of spurious characters during spellchecking operations.
  • The scroll bars are now updated correctly when using Undo/Redo.
  • Closing MindView on Windows XP 64bit no longer causes the program to freeze.
  • Save as Picture in PDF format: The legend is now included as expected and the entire map is shown.
  • Opening MindView MAC documents:
    • Text notes are now always imported as expected.
    • Embedded attachments are now imported.
  • Access keys added to the Quick Access Toolbar are now preserved when closing the Options dialog.
  • Print Preview: The window now closes correctly when using the top right Close button.
  • A number of UI issues occurring in 120 dpi resolution have been fixed.
  • Online Workspace: Folders can now be edited and created as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

Business Edition

Fixed Issues:

  • Undoing the deletion of a task which has a successor task no longer causes MindView to freeze.
  • Track Changes: When using this feature, the changes made by a new user were not recorded until the document was saved. This had an impact when using the "Send" feature before saving the document, as the changes were not included in the changes log. This has now been fixed.
  • Gantt View:
    • The issue whereby the Outline and the Gantt chart were not aligned correctly when setting constraints or inactivating tasks has now been fixed.
    • The suffixes am/pm are now shown as expected.
    • Save as Picture in PDF format: Non-working days no longer appear with black lines.
    • Closing an unchanged document no longer prompts the user to save their changes.
  • Excel Export:
    • The formatting of cost rates is now handled correctly.
    • The cost currency and symbol are now exported.
  • Excel Import:
    • The multi-selection of cells in the Import preview is now shown correctly.
    • The index column giving the best preview is now identified correctly.
  • Calculation module:
    • The cost of inactive tasks is no longer included in the totals.
    • The issue whereby calculation fields with empty values showed the default value instead has now been fixed.
  • Microsoft Project Import: When importing from versions prior to MSP 2010, durations are now handled correctly.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.
  • An option to choose the default duration unit to be used for new tasks and summary tasks has been added to the MindView Options.
  • It is now possible to sort columns in the Project Resources dialog.

New Features:

  • The color pickers shown in the ribbon now include the last color used, allowing the color to be chosen without using the color picker.
  • Legends: Descriptions are now spellchecked during editing.
  • Spell checking: The option "Enforce accented uppercase in French" has been added to the Options.

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