MindView Service Packs

The following service packs are available for download at present. Please select the pack you require for instructions how to download and install. Most service packs are available in at least 3 different languages.

If the service pack for your version of MindView is not listed here, visit the Legacy Service Packs page.

MindView 7 PC Update 3 (7.0.18668)

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Fixed Issues:

  • MS Project Import: Milestone tasks are now imported from MS Project as expected.
  • Export to Project Report: Durations are now shown with decimals as expected instead of rounding to the nearest number.
  • Word Export:
    • Exported documents containing embedded/attached MindView documents now open in Word without any errors.
    • Exported "Task Management" documents now show Priority and Completion fields as expected.
  • Word Import: Word Bibliography sources now import Authors and Editors as expected.
  • Excel Import: Formulas are now imported as expected.
  • Closing a document while editing a branch label no longer causes MindView to crash in some circumstances.
  • Sharing a MindView document as Email now works as expected.
  • Working with multiple monitors with different DPI scaling now shows the grid controls correctly.
  • Pen Mode: Saving branch labels as ink data now works as expected.
  • Dragon® Naturally Speaking enhancements have been made.
  • Browsing MatchWare Shared Workspace now lets you edit, create and delete files/folders as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

MindView 7 PC Update 2 (7.0.15506)

Fixed Issues:

  • The MindView search filter used by Windows Search to index MindView documents will now clean up all temporary data during indexing.
  • The MindView Installer will clean up any temporary data left by the Windows Search indexing prior to this build.
  • The Export to EMF picture feature now works as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

MindView 7 PC Update 1 (7.0.15160)

Fixed Issues:

  • MindView 7 has achieved Digital Accessibility Centre accessibility accreditation: https://digitalaccessibilitycentre.org/index.php/mindview-7-application
  • The Dragon Naturally Speaking integration with custom speech commands now works as expected.
  • SharePoint:
    • MindView will now show all paged document libraries and not just the first page.
    • A number of other enhancements and stability fixes have been made.
  • Shared Workspace:
    • MindView now works as expected when attaching a document containing a "+" (plus sign).
    • Passwords for Shared Workspace can now handle Unicode characters.
    • Branch text in the Outline and Gantt views can now be edited as expected and the editing process does not stop automatically after a few seconds.
    • MindView will now show a warning and reject the file when trying to attach a document bigger than the max. size of 100 MB/file.
  • Copying a calculation value from one document to another will now keep the calculation type when pasted.
  • Predictive suggestions: When connected to a custom database MindView will now escape single quotes as expected in the database query.
  • The Spell Checker now spell checks branch text as expected.
  • The filter for task completion is now working as expected.
  • The Capture tool now works as expected when using a secondary monitor.
  • Captured HTML containing Unicode text is now shown correctly in the text note editor in MindView.
  • Word Export:
    • Task resources are now exported as expected when working in Task Management mode.
    • Hyperlinks with arguments are now inserted as expected.
  • PowerPoint Export:
    • Only the selected Root branch hierarchy will now be exported.
    • There is now enhanced support for national characters in text notes.
  • Excel Export:
    • Cost fields for baselines are now exported as expected.
    • The Row Grouping feature has been enhanced.
  • Boundaries on sub-branches will now have the right draw order so that the boundary stays visible.
  • Resizing a branch text will now show a preview during resizing.
  • Using the Legend Format Painter to apply colors to a branch now works as expected.
  • Printing the Gantt chart no longer cuts off the end of the Gantt chart when the map contains multiple roots.
  • It is now possible to type ahead in the font dropdown for branch text and text notes.
  • Legacy OpenMind and MindView documents can now be opened as expected.
  • The Icons panel will now respect the Windows High contrast mode.
  • The Microsoft Project import has been enhanced to handle bigger files.
  • The MindJet MindManager import has been improved.
  • A few enhancements have been made to the Project Reports.
  • The ribbon now shows national characters as expected when working with an updated version of Windows 10.
  • Enhancements have been made when working with very large maps.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • SharePoint: It is now possible to connect to Site Collections and Sub-sites.
  • It is now possible to choose between Small, Medium and Big text size in the Timeline Outline.
  • It is now possible to insert root branches without using the mouse.
  • A Delete button has been added to the Data Files dialog (File | Info | Data Files).

MindView 7 Mac Update 6 [7.2.8 (518)]

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Fixed Issues (Update 6):

  • Improved import from MS Project XML.
  • Improved Audio Notes.
  • Improved export to PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issue related to importing of text notes from Word.
  • Stability improvements when working with macOS X versions prior to 10.11.
  • Added possibility to open .mvtx templates as .mvdx documents.
  • Fixed silent activation for corporate installations.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Fixed Issues (Update 5):

  • Fixed crash occurring on start.
  • Improved branch title selection.
  • Improved Text Notes.
  • Improved export to PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issue related to losing pictures inserted in Text Notes.
  • Fixed screen capturing in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed permission issues preventing non-administrators from activating the product.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Fixed Issues (Update 4):

  • Improved branch title editing.
  • MacOS Catalina support.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Fixed Issues (Update 3):

  • MindView 7 MAC has achieved Digital Accessibility Centre accessibility accreditation: https://digitalaccessibilitycentre.org/index.php/matchware-mindview-mac
  • Indent/Outdent options in the Format menu of the Gantt view now working as expected.
  • Improvement of the Capture Text feature.
  • Improvement of the Capture Editor UI.
  • Improvements to the creation of Citations.
  • Improvements to the use of Branch Connections.
  • Improvements to Branch Connections properties.
  • Improvements to the drawing of boundary frames.
  • Improvements to styles.
  • Copy/Paste of branches with assigned task resources now working as expected.
  • Copy/Paste of tasks with relations now working as expected.
  • Copy/Paste between documents of branches with branch images now working as expected.
  • Improvements to the use of Citations in text notes.
  • Improvements to Picture Library browser.
  • Fixed Word export problem.
  • Fixed PowerPoint export problem.
  • Fixed problem when saving a text note with a custom title.
  • Improved import from MindView PC (.mvdx) documents.
  • Improved and optimized Gantt view drawing.
  • All XML formats now in one menu.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Improved use of application in full keyboard access.
  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver when navigating the document.
  • Improved UI contrast.
  • UI/UX improvements.

New Features (Update 3):

  • Full support for Danish language.
  • Gantt view and Outline view now support Small, Medium and Big font sizes.
  • Tasks can now be dragged.
  • Import/Export in OPML format.
  • Import from Visual Mind Document format.

Fixed Issues (Update 2):

  • Fixed crash when opening a Gantt view document containing an invalid weekday.
  • Optimized performance on export to HTML.
  • Fixed issue on export to Word when a branch picture name contains specific symbols.
  • Fixed issue on export to PowerPoint when a branch picture name contains specific symbols.
  • Fixed crash when drawing very large Gantt view documents.
  • Improvement of the layout of branch icons in Mind Map views.
  • Optimization of the saving of very large documents in Gantt and Outline views.
  • Improvement of the Capture Editor UI.
  • Improvement of the Capture Text. It is now possible to get information on the source when capturing text from Safari and Chrome.
  • Improvement of the Capture Screenshots. Addition of global shortcuts for capturing screenshots.
  • System screenshots can now be intercepted.
  • Fixes made to the preinstalled QuickStart document.
  • It is now possible to drag the URL from a browser to a mind map branch as a hyperlink attachment.
  • It is now possible to drag a text block to a mind map branch as a Text Note attachment.
  • Improvement of the default styles in blank documents.
  • Improvement of the consistency between MindView documents for Windows and Mac.
  • Improvement of the Icon inspector with new groups: Recent, Document, Custom.
  • Fixed export to Word in Task Management mode.
  • Improved import from Word document.
  • Addition of 6 styles for branch connections.
  • It is now possible to customize the display of branch connections.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Fixed Issues (Update 1):

  • Improved layouts for all default blank templates.
  • Fixed the "Helvetica Neue" font issue whereby some 3rd party programs replaced the system font.
  • Fixed issue with scrolling in the text note area with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed issue with importing very large documents from PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issues with stability when detaching a branch as a new document.
  • Improvements for supporting High Sierra macOS.
  • Fixed issue with hyperlinks displaying incorrectly in Word documents after Export.
  • Stability improvements when editing the Gantt chart.
  • Fixed crash on Export to PowerPoint.
  • Templates improvements.
  • UI/UX improvements.