Affiliate Program

It Pays to Participate!

  • Signing up as an affiliate is free
  • Receive 20% commission on sales from referrals
  • Simple to use and no added administration
  • Real-time reports and tracking available
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Who is it for?

Do you own a high-traffic website, online network or blog? Do you make product recommendations or reviews? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you could benefit from joining the MatchWare Affiliate Program.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up as an affiliate, post a link to on your web site and earn 20% commission for every product sale made through the posted link.

5 easy steps:

  • Sign up today using our online affiliate registration form.

  • Receive user details via email. Once your application is approved by our affiliate team, Cleverbridge will send a confirmation email with your affiliate ID, as well as a link and login details for MatchWares Affiliate Center.

  • Login and generate links to MatchWare products in the Affiliate Center. These should be added to your website and can be used with a selection of our banners.

  • Start earning a 20% referral fee every time a customer clicks on a link and buys a MatchWare product.

  • Track your success by viewing transaction details, commission reports and more within the Affiliate Center.


What is the MatchWare Affiliate Program?

The MatchWare Affiliate Program is an e-commerce solution which tracks sales referred to our e-store by affiliates (partners who supply links for our products on their website). When visitors to the affiliates website purchase our products, the affiliate receives a commission or percentage of each sale for this advertising effort.

How do I earn commission?

As an affiliate, you will be paid a percentage of any MatchWare product sales made by your referred customers.

How are my sales tracked?

MatchWare uses cookies to record visitor data associated with your site. The cookies alert MatchWare that an affiliate is responsible for a sale that does not go through the clients shopping cart on their first visit to the site.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid at the beginning of every month if your account balance is greater than $100. Your balance will roll over into the following month if it is under $100. You can receive payments via:

  • ACH Payment
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer

Select your payment type on sign up and edit it later under “payment details” in the Affiliate Center.

How can I optimize my links?

  • High visibility: place your links in highly visible areas on well-ranking pages of your site. Always place a link high up on the page so that users will not have to scroll down.
  • Bold is attractive: Use eye-catching text and graphics.
  • Good design: Use a well-designed graphic element such as an animated banner.
  • Positive or commanding words: Use words such as “free” or “click here”.
  • Multiple locations: Place your link on more than one page and include it in other digital media such as newsletters or emails.
  • Write Reviews: Take time to write well-written reviews so that your customer can have an informed view of the product.

How do I track my affiliate success?

Simply login to the Affiliate Center using you username and password. You will be able to view available products, their respective commission rates and reports of past sales.

What are the terms and conditions?

You may find the affiliate terms and conditions here.

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