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Create Professional Timelines Instantly!

Need to create timelines within minutes? Then look no further - MindView is a timeline software application that allows you to create timelines instantly!

Start by entering your events and dates. Then add pictures, text etc. to enhance the explanation and visuals. Print as a poster or save as a picture. It's as simple as that.

Create historical timelines, schedules, chronologies and project plans with MindView timeline software. This easy-to-use timeline software, with hundreds of ready-made templates and quality clip art, enables anyone to create professional timelines.

Create a Timeline in 5 Easy Steps:

Key Features

  • Get started right away!
  • 3 different timeline layouts
  • Different timescales available
  • Instantly print as a poster!
  • Save as a picture to include in presentations
  • Export to HTML

Create Professional Timelines Instantly!

  • History Timelines
  • Forensic Timelines
  • Case Chronology Timelines
  • Project Management Timelines
  • Closing Timelines
  • Construction Timelines
  • Patient Treatment Timelines
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1 Selecting Time Scale for the Timeline

MindView is a Mind Mapping tool that contains an easy to use timeline feature. Simply start by entering events and dates and the timeline software will use the standard time scale as a default. However, in some situations it would be more beneficial to select a time scale that is more suitable for the subject. For instance, if you are making a timeline about dinosaurs then you should use the Geological timescale. MindView offers the following timescales: Standard, Daily, Weekly, Historic and Geological.

select time scale with mindview timeline software

2 Enter Events and Dates

To insert events, simply double click the time axis and a dialog box will appear in which you can enter events and dates.

To provide an instant overview of events, you can access the Timeline Outline that lists the events and associated times. In the timeline outline, you can add events and edit time.

This timeline software allows you to drag and drop events on the time axis and to rearrange them and change the time accordingly.

Enter Events and Dates

3 Insert Pictures and Notes to the Timeline

Once you have entered events on the timeline, you can add visuals through inserting pictures with the timeline software. You can either drag and drop pictures onto an event or select "Branch picture" under the Home tab. Notes or descriptions for events can be written utilizing the Text Note or the "sticky note" feature. To truly elaborate on events within your timeline, MindView timeline software lets you attach an unlimited amount of files. For instance, you could attach video, sound and pictures that could be executed directly from the timeline.

Insert pictures and notes into your timeline

4 Customize Your Timeline

MindView allows you to change the look and feel of the timeline by offering 3 different layouts. Easily preview each layout to see how it suits your timeline and then select from a variety of styles to match the desired layout.

Once you decided on the layout, you can continue with customization. For example, you can highlight important events and add a background pattern or color.

Insert pictures and notes into your timeline

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5 Presenting Your Timeline

MindView allows you to save your timeline as a picture, making it accessible for any presentation whether you are working on a web site or PowerPoint presentation.

As a comprehensive timeline software application, MindView contains a unique printer function that allows you print the timeline as a poster using regular letter size or A4 paper. You simply enter how many pages you want to use horizontally and vertically and MindView splits the map over the respective pages. No need for a fancy printer!

Insert pictures and notes into your timeline

Alternatively, you can export the timeline directly to HTML as an interactive website. By doing so, the timeline itself becomes the sitemap and when clicking on an event you will go directly to a page for that particular event. On each page any description, pictures or attached file that you added to the event in the timeline will be displayed. Viewers can return to the timeline by selecting timeline in the left menu bar.

Try MindView's Timeline Software Free!

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