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Mind Mapping Tutorials

Welcome to the MindView mind mapping tutorials page. These videos are intended to teach you the basic fundamentals of MindView as well as an introduction to some of the more advanced features. For more advanced mind mapping tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel or view the features page.

You can also schedule a free personalized webinar and a MatchWare employee will walk you through the software step-by-step.

MindView Quick Start Video

  • How to create a mind map
  • How to make text notes
  • How to attach files
  • How to customize the mind map
  • How to export the mind map

Customizing Your Mind Map

  • Introduction to the design and format tabs
  • How to change the layout and style of a map
  • How to apply apply global effects to a map, including:
    • Color schemes
    • Branch and root shapes
    • Page colors and patterns
  • How to change effects and properties for individual branches, including:
    • Color schemes
    • Branch fill and gradient colors
    • Branch outlines
    • Branch boundaries

Adding Dates and Times

  • How to add dates and times to your mind map
  • How to view your map as a timeline
  • How to export you mind map and include date and time information

Project Management

  • Turn your brainstorm session into a project plan
  • Create the work breakdown structure
  • Apply task information and a create schedule in gantt view
  • How to view the plan as a timeline
  • How to create project reports
  • Microsoft® Word, Project, Outlook and PowerPoint export/import

The Calculation Feature and Excel Export

  • Adding variables and equations to branches
  • Rolling-up entire map
  • Exporting from MindView to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

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