Workplace AT Suite

Organizations are legally responsible for supporting individuals with disabilities. MindView Assistive Technology software is one way to help make working environments more inclusive.

Why MindView Workplace AT Suite?

The MindView Workplace AT Suite is optimized for users with digital accessibility needs. MindView Workplace AT Suite has built-in accessibility features as well as integration with popular digital Assistive Technologies.

The MindView Workplace AT Suite accessibility features include:

  • Built-in Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text
  • Compatibility with Jaws, SuperNova and ZoomText
  • Compatibility with all Text-to-Speech software: Texthelp, Claro etc.
  • Full integration with Dragon Professional, Windows Speech Mode and Mac Voice Over
  • Keyboard-only shortcut accessibility
  • Accurate ALT-tagging of Picture Catalog images
  • High Contrast Mode / Low Contrast Mode

Learn more about the benefits of MindView Workplace AT Suite:

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MindView Workplace AT Suite and Access to Work Grant

The Access to Work grant can help pay for Assistive Technology Software – such as MindView Workplace AT Suite, adapted equipment, a support worker, mental health support or travel expenses to and from work depending on the needs of the employee.

If an Access to Work assessor has recommended MindView Workplace AT Suite as part of your support, then you’re in the right place!

3-Year Subscription £405

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