MindView Essay Writing Software

Writing an essay with MindView
Writing an essay with MindView

Simplify Essay Writing with Mind Mapping

So you’ve been given your next assignment. What do you normally do, panic?
Like many others you may struggle with:

  • Writer’s block, staring at a blank page?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the word count?
  • Managing your research and how to reference it?
  • Handing in your paper in the right academic format?
Simplify essay writing

Outline the essay structure in a mind map

Struggling with writer’s block? We can help…

Easily brainstorm your ideas onto a blank canvas, take those thoughts and rapidly organize them into an outline (commonly referred to as a mind map).

A mind map consists of a central idea, surrounded by branches that will eventually become headings to create your final essay.

Essay structure outline in a mind map
Gathering research information with MindView

Gather your research and information

Where is all your research located? How many tabs do you have opened on your browser?

With MindView’s Capture Tool, you can snip images, copy text, take video and audio recordings. What’s best is that MindView does all the heavy lifting by automatically citing sources for you.

Now that you have all that data in our research bank you can easily manage, distribute and attach that to your outline… aka the mind map.

Manage sources and generate bibliographies

Manage sources and citations and generate bibliographies

Tired of trying to format those in-text citations and bibliographies? Harvard, APA, MLA, etc.

We have a built-in citation tool that helps you manage all your sources whether they be books, films or journal articles with integration to Zotero, Mendeley and WorldCat.

Say goodbye to the old-school way of generating bibliographies… Sounds too good to be true?

Read on…

Manage sources and generate bibliographies
Export to any academic format

Export work to MS Word / Google Docs / Pages in any academic format

Now it’s time for the magic!

We take care of all the nitty-gritty details that come with formatting your paper properly. Export your mind map to your preferred word processor and select your assigned academic format.

Voila! Your essay is ready for assessment. If you are talking about essays made easy, you are talking MindView.

See for yourself…

Key Features

Mind Map

Outline documents in a non-linear fashion


Re-order your essay with easy drag and drop


Capture research on the go with Mobile App


Zotero / Mendeley / WorldCat integration

Word Export

Export to Word in Academic Styles. 9000 styles (Harvard, APA, Chicago etc.)

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What our students say:

Get a better grade on your next essay with MindView. Overcome writer’s block, organize research and make referencing (citations) as easy as ABC. Assessment ready essays, without all the stress.

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