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video testimonial
Mind Mapping software companies
Mind Mapping software companies
Mind Mapping software companies
Mind Mapping software companies
Mind Mapping software companies
Mind Mapping software companies


Patrick Hanks

"Our students love working in MindView. They can organize their thoughts, add graphics and media, and then export it all to Word, PowerPoint, or as a website! Projects are interactive and professional, yet the emphasis is on content, not technology."

Patrick Hanks, director
Instructional Technology,
Lexington SC School District 1


"Mikkel is studying the Higher Technical Examination; he benefits from mind mapping as it helps him structure written assignments and makes him feel more self‐sufficient"

A. Egerrup, MD Secretary
Holstebro, DK


"The most useful advantage of mind mapping is the ability to divide topics into clear manageable chunks making problem solving, comprehension and analysis more accessible."

C. Sellers, Special Needs Tutor
Kent, TN


"Mindview is an invaluable tool for collecting and organizing ones thoughts, whether to make an important decision, outlining a presentation, or kicking off a project."

Kevin Partner

MindView Case Studies & White Papers

Dyslexia in the Workplace

Employers are now responsible for supporting dyslexic employees by providing software and aid to help them overcome the obstacles they experience in the workplace. One strategy in particular is mind mapping, which is a multisensory strategy used by dyslexic individuals for many decades to assist with outlining written documents, organizing thoughts, stimulating memory recall and decision making.

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Mind Mapping for Dyslexia

Mind mapping is extremely useful for people who suffer from dyslexia. It allows them to put down their thoughts without having to worry about what order they go in. The mind mapping software can organize everything for them, while helping to stimulate memory recall and lessen any organizational burdens the person may face.

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Mind Mapping for Asperger’s

Learners with Asperger's struggle with communication, and using words and symbols in mind maps to explain concepts and ideas helps with communication. Often times learners with Asperger's need help breaking down tasks and topics into smaller steps, and mind mapping strategies are used successfully to support this.

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