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Realschule Plus Kell am See

“The great export options to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, among other things, make it easy to...


University of Huddersfield

“I wish someone had shown me this...



"I use MindView all the time, for anything I need to do. It allows me to...


Emile Zola

“The students get familiar with the software much more quickly when they explore...

“Our students love working in MindView. They can organize their thoughts, add graphics and media, and then export it all to Word, PowerPoint, or as a website! Projects are interactive and professional, yet the emphasis is on content, not technology.”

Patrick Hanks
Director Instructional Technology,
Lexington SC School District 1

Assistive Workplace

Dyslexia in the Workplace

Employers are now responsible for supporting dyslexic employees by providing software...

Assistive Learning

Mind Mapping for Dyslexia

Mind mapping is extremely useful for people who have been assessed to have dyslexia...

Assistive Learning

Mind Mapping for ASD

Learners with ASD struggle with communication, and using words and symbols...

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