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Michael Emeraud Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Morbihan (CMA)

10 Boulevard des Îles

56000 Vannes, France

The Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA) accompany and advise craftsmen and future craftsmen in every stage of their professional life: training, preparation for installation, formalities of creation / takeover of business, development and cessation activity.

"Personally, I do all my work with mind maps. I use MindView all the time, for anything I need to do. It allows me to be very organized in my work, and to not forget anything."

What sort of training does the CMA provide?

We have 6 specialist training subjects: hairdressing, trade, motor vehicle, hospitality/catering, bakery and butchery. We also provide training in various general subjects such as applied sciences, physics, economy etc.

What inspired you to acquire MindView?

I discovered MindView during an area digital workshop. I was already looking for an online mind mapping tool for our training center. I tested several of them, and realized quite quickly that the free online tools available had their limitations. All the features concerned with exporting or planning are really most helpful. Bearing in mind all its possibilities, it seems to me that MindView is priced very reasonably.

As part of a network of regional institutions, we have to keep ahead of the game in the digital environment.

Who are the users of the software in the CMA?

MindView is used in many different ways, by the teachers of course, but also by the management team and admin staff. Students can also install it.

It takes a little while for attitudes to change, and for everyone to realize how MindView can help them, but its usage is increasing all the time. After training myself, I now promote it to the teachers and train them.

What are the main uses of the software?

Our teachers use MindView differently according to their needs. MindView is used to chart the learning process, to present course outlines, to chair meetings and summarize their outcome, to organize and follow up projects. In my department, we use it to manage the budget and run various other projects.

One of the main advantages of MindView is that it is not limited to just one or two uses.

Personally, I do all my work with mind maps. I use MindView all the time, for anything I need to do. It allows me to be very organized in my work, and to not forget anything.

When you have too many tools at your disposal, things quite quickly become unmanageable. Thanks to MindView, I can collect all my projects and documents in the mind map. It gives a strong base to my work, and allows me to keep to the schedule, to not leave anything out, and to follow up on my projects with calm.

What problems does MindView allow you to solve?

MindView helps me standardize my processes and reminds me of all my daily tasks. Everything is written down in the mind map.

A revealing story: one day, we had a planned budget meeting. Unfortunately, I fell ill that day and was not able to attend. Thanks to the mind map I had prepared, my colleagues were able to find the agenda and all the documents needed for the meeting.

Three things to remember about MindView?

It allows you to organize and simplify your daily work. MindView brings efficiency to your tasks.

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