Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Software

Looking for an effective way to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)? Look no further, MindView is the industry leading and award winning WBS software. Get rid of prehistoric sticky notes or whiteboard sessions and get your work breakdown structure done with ease!

Using MindView to create Work Breakdown Structures
Using MindView to create Work Breakdown Structures

Key Features

Easy to use WBS Software

Add task information, costs, and resources

Built-in Gantt Chart and Project Timeline

Microsoft Office Integration

Team Collaboration

Industry Leader

WBS for project management created with MindView

Easy to use WBS software

Making a work breakdown structure with MindView is simple and effective. Visualize your Deliverables, Work packages and 100% rules with ease. Use the Drag-and-Drop functionality to re-arrange work packages.

  • Brainstorm digitally instead of whiteboard sessions
  • Visualize Deliverables and Work packages
  • Display 100% rule
  • Drag-and-drop editing

Doesn’t get much easier…

WBS for project management created with MindView
Add tasks, costs and resources to your WBS

Add task information, costs, and resources

MindView is a great WBS app that allows you to add resources, costs and tasks information directly in the WBS layout. This allows your team to discuss and add resources in an easy to understand environment.

  • Add resources
  • Apply task information and Costs
  • Roll-up task information

Now that was easy, let’s do some scheduling…

Built-in Gantt Chart and Project Timeline

MindView contains 6 interchangeable layouts including the WBS, Gantt and Timeline. Instantly swap your work breakdown structure into the Gantt chart for scheduling. Alternatively use the timeline layout to communicate with stakeholders. MindView has you covered either way.

  • Swap between the WBS, Gantt and Timeline layout
  • Edit and update across all layouts

Communicate to stakeholders in the view suited

Gantt chart timeline created from a WBS in MindView
MS Office Integration

Microsoft Office integration

Export your work breakdown structure to other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel or Project. Save time by not having to re-enter any data!

  • Export to Word for your WBS dictionary
  • Continue your work in Excel and Project
  • Import data back to your WBS in MindView

Take your productivity to the next level.

Collaborate with Teams

Team Collaboration

Enhance your teamwork with real-time collaboration. Control who has access to the WBS and have multiple people editing the files simultaneously. Save your files on MindView Drive and start sharing!

  • Access the file from anywhere
  • Share and control edit rights
  • Work collaboratively in real time

Your whiteboard sessions will be a part of the past…

Collaborate with Teams

How to make a WBS with MindView

Creating a work breakdown structure with MindView is easy, fast and effective. Here is how to make a work breakdown structure with MindView in 4 steps:

Define team memebers

Define Key Team

Start by gathering documentation for your project such description of deliverables and Scope Statements. Then use MindView mind mapping layout to visualize the key team members of your project; Resources, Stake holders, Lead and Project Managers.

Define team memebers
Define project components

Project Components

Open a new file in the WBS layout. Start by entering the Level 1 deliverables and then inserting work packages. This is accomplished by hitting the Enter key and using drag-and-drop to re-arrange work packages. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

If you need to collaborate on the WBS, simply save the file on MindView Drive, share with team members and assign read and write access.

You can even attach files to your project components and link to files on external drives such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Calculate the 100% rule

Calculate the 100%

Apply the 100% rule using the calculation panel. These percentage numbers are ideally added to the branches that are lowest in the hierarchy (furthest from the root), but if that proves too detailed, they can be entered on intermediate branches. The important thing is that they should add up to 100% at the root, which represents the work for the whole project.

Calculate the 100% rule
Apply resources and task information

Apply Resources and
Tasks Information

Continue working on your project by adding resources and tasks information. Simply use the Task panel to enter resources, start and end dates etc. Visualize resources and task information on your project components.

All done in a collaborative and understandable way…

Further work…

Generate WBS Dictionary

Generate Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary

Make your WBS Dictionary instantly by using the Word export. Select from customizable templates and styles. MindView will include all data such as resources, tasks information, attachments and any description to your project component. You are done in no time!

Generate WBS Dictionary
Generate Gantt Chart

Create Gantt Chart

If you want to continue scheduling your project plan you can swap your WBS directly to the built-in Gantt chart. MindView’s Gantt chart is very comprehensive and you can complete the scheduling of your project plan. Alternatively, you can export to Microsoft Project.

You can even show your project roadmap as a timeline, which might be better suited for certain stakeholders. MindView contain 6 interchangeable views.

What is a Work Breakdown Structure

What is a WBS?

First developed by the US Defense Department in the second half of the 1950s and by NASA in the early 1960s, a WBS is a document used by project managers to define the scope of a project. It describes the end goal, not the means of reaching that goal.

For example, if the project is to build a house, the WBS defines all the aspects of the finished house, in increasing levels of detail. It does not specify how the elements of the house are to be constructed, except where the method of construction is an important part of the finished house.

A work breakdown structure is not a list of tasks, a schedule or an organization chart. Rather it provides the basis on which a task list and a schedule can be constructed. Tasks and schedules are better handled in other ways, for example by using Gantt charts.

What is a Work Breakdown Structure

A Work Breakdown Structure can Show You at a Glance:

  • What the various elements of the project are
  • How the necessary work is distributed between the elements of the project
  • How the cost or budget is distributed between the elements of the project
  • How the larger elements of the project are subdivided into smaller ones
  • But it does not say anything about individual tasks or the order of execution.
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