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A successful project doesn’t just happen, it requires initiation, thorough planning, and seamless execution. However, like many others, you might be struggling with:

  • Overviewing and organizing your project
  • Keeping track of all your tasks
  • Making sure your whole team is staying accountable
  • Managing your time and having to create many reports repeatedly

Outline your Project by Using a Mind Map

No more MS Excel, hard to use project management tools or inadequate freeware. You can use MindView to create an outline of your project in a Mind Map, commonly referred to as a Work Breakdown Structure. Creating a Mind Map makes it fast and simple to create objectives, breakdown tasks and construct the project scope/outline.

  • Planning and brainstorming
  • Re-organization by drag and drop
  • No effort and easy to use

Brainstorming made easy!

Collaborate with Your Team

You can work with your peers on the project in real time. Your team can easily contribute to the notes, the research… as well as the tasks.

Furthermore, you can track changes among project members to ensure mistakes will be kept to a minimum. This also allows teachers and professors to monitor the group progress by generating status updates and reports.

  • Collaborate through the Cloud
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Track changes

That’s the team spirit!

Gather Relevant Information Relating to the Project

Do your research with MindView, capture information from the web and MindView automatically attaches it to your outline and cites the source. You can also attach external files, links, and text documents to your outline. Essentially, turn MindView into an electronic notebook housing all your content. There is no need to have your data and research in multiple places.

  • Research and cite sources
  • Attach files and relevant content
  • All data in one convenient location

Let MindView do the heavy lifting.

Instantly Generate a Gantt Chart / Timeline

Say bye-bye to having to create a Gantt chart manually using MS Excel, hard to use project management software or freeware. With a simple mouse click you can transform your work into a built-in Gantt chart. If the Gantt chart is too much, you might find it easier to convert the information into a Timeline which is also built-in. Keep in mind that all layouts are integrated, so if you work in the Gantt, it updates the Mind Map and vice-versa.

  • Gantt Chart
  • Timeline
  • No need to recreate any of the data

Present Your Project through MS Office

Creating a report in an academic format or a presentation could not be easier. MindView has full MS Office, Google Docs, and iWork integration, so import/export on any platform can be done easily. Once again, a simple click of a button and all your information gets formatted into a complete document that’s ready to be handed in or assessed.

  • Automatically formatted documents
  • Presentation-ready
  • Teacher and professor approved

Key Features

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Export to Data for Reports and Presentations

Research, Citations and Bibliographies

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