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Why Should Financial Advisors Use Mind Mapping Software?

Are you a financial advisor that is considering using mind mapping software? Then look no further! MindView is an industry leader in professional mind mapping applications that have been optimized for financial planning, helping you to improve discovery, communication with clients and content management. Using mind mapping software will help you:

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Mind Mapping for Financial Planning
in 3 steps

Key Features

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Free financial planning templates
  • One-click export to Word and PowerPoint eliminates re-entering data
  • Calculation module and export to Excel
  • Timeline to illustrate financial plans
  • Attach unlimited number of files to the mind map

Optimize Discovery Process

Using mind mapping in the discovery process enables you to differentiate yourself from other financial advisors. Utilizing comprehensive templates allows you to illustrate your financial knowledge and easily gather client information.

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Once you have gathered your information there is no need to re-enter data as the mind map can be exported to Word, PDF or PowerPoint with a single click of the mouse. In return, this will save you time and make the process more effective!

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  • Overview of the discovery phase in a mind map
  • Capture information gathering instantly
  • Transfer information from the mind map to Word/PDF instantly. No re-entering required.
  • Keep clients engaged during the planning session

Communicate Financial Planning with Clients

Using mind maps will help you explain Plan of Action and keep the clients engaged. This can reduce the clients’ objections and increase your new client acquisition. The mind map simplifies a complex text document and presents an overview of elements within investments options and concerns. The mind map also helps with illustrating how parts relate and interconnect.

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Share the mind maps easily with clients or staff by providing them with a printed copy of the mind map or export to Word, PDF and PowerPoint.

  • Simplify complex text and concepts
  • Provide overview of investments elements
  • Easy to provide a copy of investment strategy to clients

Explain Plan of Action with Clients

As opposed to a traditional agenda, the mind map provides a better overview of the Plan of Action and makes it easier to plan in the moment and alter strategies. MindView allows you to attach unlimited files, which enables you to use the mind map for content management.

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financial planning plan of action

MindView even comes with a timeline that is an excellent way to explain the future value of financial planning.

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Present financial data directly on the mind map by using the Calculation module. This will allow you to present a Plan of Action in a different light than a traditional spreadsheet. The mind map with data can be exported to Excel if needed.

  • All client’s content is stored in 1 easy to access location
  • Faster way to get an overview of what is being discussed with client
  • Helps manage all parts and how they are related to each other
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How Financial Advisors use MindView for Financial Planning

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