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MindView 6 Update

How to verify that MindView is fully updated:

Open MindView, click FILE, select Options in the left panel, and choose Resources in the MindView Options dialog that appears. Select "Check for Updates" and MindView will automatically determine if an update is available. You can also check this manually by verifying that the build number shown under the "about MatchWare MindView" section is 6.0.7996. If not, then please install the updated version below.


  1. Click below to download the installation package
  2. Make sure MindView is NOT running. If it is, close it down.
  3. Once downloaded, double-click to run the program.

If you have a prior version of MindView 6 installed the version will be automatically uninstalled before the new update is installed. When the installation is complete, you may start MindView.

To check that the installation installed correctly, click FILE, then click Options in the left panel, and choose Resources in the MindView Options dialog that appears. If the package has been successfully installed, the build number should now be 6.0.7996.

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Update 4

Fixed Issues:

  • The issue whereby parts of the Backstage view were not shown correctly has been solved.
  • Filter dialog:
    • When adding an icon filter the Icons panel now disappears as expected if clicking outside the Icons panel rather than choosing an icon.
    • MindView no longer freezes when working with filters containing dates in Project Management mode.
  • Branch label editing: The caret now moves as expected during word autocorrecting
  • Microsoft Excel Export: Exporting in Task Management mode now works as expected.
  • Microsoft Project Export: The problem whereby the custom calculation values from MindView were not always given the correct custom column name in Microsoft Project has been solved.
  • Opening MindView 3 documents no longer causes MindView to freeze in some circumstances.
  • The date pickers now work as expected when working in High Contrast mode or using the Windows Classic theme.
  • Switching to Custom styles when working with DPI settings over 100% no longer causes MindView to freeze.
  • MindView Mac documents containing project resources can now be opened as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

Update 3

Fixed Issues:

  • MindView 6 has achieved Digital Accessibility Centre accessibility accreditation:
  • Enhancements and fixes related to Accessibility accreditation have been made: enhanced keyboard-only access and navigation, enhanced access for screen readers, enhanced text to speech, enhanced Dragon NaturallySpeaking support, enhanced transcript for tutorial videos.
  • Enhancements and fixes related to running MindView in bigger screen resolutions have been made.
  • Online Workspaces: Site browsing has been optimized to only request one folder level at a time, which speeds up the connection time with the site.
  • Microsoft Project Export: Completed tasks with no resources assigned are now exported as expected.
  • Microsoft Word Export: Attachments containing national characters are now exported as expected.
  • Microsoft Word Import: The issue causing MindView to only import only half the content of some Word documents has been resolved.
  • Timeline: If the task end time is not shown in the timeline, it is no longer included when calculating the timeline width.
  • Print:
    • The Inactive Task icon is now printed as expected.
    • Printing a Gantt chart will now print the expected colors for non-working days.
    • Highlighted branches are now also included in the printout as expected.
    • The default printer is now selected as default.
  • Inserting a hyperlink to a sub-site will now include the favicon from the main site as expected.
  • HTML Export: Branches that have the same name are now listed correctly.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Export: It is now possible to export to PowerPoint without having PowerPoint installed.
  • Filtering on end dates is now working as expected in Project Management mode.
  • When tracking changes, selected changes are now identified on the mind map as expected.
  • The procedure used when saving to a network drive has been enhanced.
  • MindView now takes into account the disabling of "recent document history" via group policies.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • SharePoint: It is now possible to browse, open and save on SharePoint sub-sites.
  • A Windows Navigator allowing the user to switch between open documents and open panels using "Ctrl + Tab" has been introduced.
  • The keys "Ctrl + Home" can now be used to select the root in any of the views.
  • It is now possible to define a maximum number of branches beyond which the Compact Map feature will be disabled to optimize performance.
  • The keys "F6" and "Ctrl + Shift + F6" previously used to activate and deactivate branch focus have been changed to "Alt + F6" and "Alt + Shift + F6".
  • The keys "F6" and "Shift + F6" are now used to move the focus between the active tab, the active panels and the status bar.

Update 2

Fixed Issues:

  • The creation of a material task resource can now be cancelled as expected.
  • Capture tool:
    • The Capture tool now handles higher DPI resolutions correctly.
    • Capturing text to an online document now works as expected.
  • Predictive suggestions:
    • Requesting predictive suggestions for the current word (Ctrl+Space) while entering text in the Outline now works as expected.
    • The dropdown menu showing the predictions when editing branch labels is now shown at the correct position.
  • The context menu for icons now shows the replacement icons as expected.
  • Insert Hyperlink: Browsing the Shared Workspace now includes all files and not only MindView documents.
  • Branches with an inner border are now drawn correctly when scrolling.
  • Import from MS Project: the links lag time is now imported correctly.
  • Print preview now shows legends as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

New Features:

  • Manual task scheduling
  • Export of Bibliography sources to Microsoft Word Bibliography XML format
  • Import of Microsoft Word Bibliography XML format
  • Installation: Option to create a shortcut on the desktop

Update 1

Fixed Issues:

  • MindView now runs on Windows Vista without problems.
  • The Backstage view compatibility problems resulting in an empty backstage in some circumstances have been solved.
  • The administrative installation now works as expected.
  • The availability of the Pack/Unpack menu option is now dependent on whether the document is packed or not.
  • Shared Workspace/SharePoint: Folders with more than 2 levels of sub-folders are now shown as expected.
  • Branch label editing:
    • Undo/Redo now works as expected.
    • The cursor now blinks as expected.
  • A number of other enhancements and bug fixes have been made.

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