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  • Facebook Is Said to Be Building a Product to Compete With Clubhouse
    • Facebook's alternative
      • A New Product Experimentation team as been created in order to stay at the top of the innovation
        • They worked on travel apps, podcast apps etc.
    • Facebook is soon to be launching its own platform to compete with Clubhouse
      • It has involved a lot of criticism as Facebook would copy Club-house
        • For: Facebook has history of buying the bestseller apps meaning they always are ahead of what become viral
        • Against: Facebook is knowned to clone concepts that breaks through the social media market as “stories” from Snapchat and “reels” from Tiktok.
    • Club-house : the app that divides
      • Club-house allows people to chat through audio rooms about any topics. The app now counts 2 million users per week
      • Club-house raised from $100 million to $1 billion valuation
      • Mark Zuckerberg showed himself in an audio chat room to talk about augmented and virtual reality
    • Competition exists between new arrivals and empires as Facebook
      • Facebook tries to stay at the top of the social media market developing new ways to communicate
    • Published in "The New York Time" by Mike Isaac on February the tenth, twenty twenty-one
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