4IR Mind Map

4IR - Mind Map

3 years ago by: chew
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0 4IR
    • student
      • correlate and use and apply different knowledge in diversified context
        • students can create synergies among different subjects to develop or create something that connects to the real world.
      • they can collaborate with others.
        • collaborate with their colleagues, with their teachers and with the outside world through work in a framework of projects.
      • develop new ways of communicating.
        • Students can listen to or read along with audiobooks to hear how the speaker pronounces and enunciates different words or phrases.
      • develop critical thinking
        • they can put in front of complex situations to develop critical thinking
      • solve complex problems
        • they learned how to be imaginative, creative, adaptable, flexible and develop brain plasticity.
    • teacher
      • •Play a role as A Technology Designer for Learning
        • • Make learning content in forms of digital tools that can be assessed by students anytime anywhere • Example : Social media, e-learning portal
      • •No longer dictate facts to the students
        • • inspire students to extend their knowledge • More focus on critical thinking skills, innovative ,Effective communication skills
      • •Become facilitators of learning
        • • help students discover knowledge on their own, rather than simply imparting it • places students in an active role and keeps them engaged and interested in a world that is rapidly changing
      • •Prepare regular Performance-Based Assesments
        • • Carried out through various method (not restricted to test) • Utilised multimedia to determine students’ achievement and needs
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