ABM_GCA Mind Map

ABM_GCA - Mind Map

3 years ago by: Debi Murphy
    • HR
      • ABM HR need access to GCA employees
      • GCA HR need access to ABM employees
      • New GCA hires - define onboarding process providing "dual" access during transition period
        • Should they only receive ABM emails going forward
    • Payroll
      • ABM supervisors need access to approve GCA payroll
      • GCA supervisors need access to approve ABM payroll
      • Timeline for payroll integration
    • Communication
      • GCA employees receiving emails on access but don't know what to do with it
      • No notifications or instructions are sent when ABM email is set up
    • Applications
      • Who determines what applications are needed
      • Who provides information on BU access
      • What is the plan for requesting the access after AD is created
      • How soon can requests be processed?
      • Organized training
    • New Jobs
      • Direction needed on booking new contracts (which company to use)
      • Direction on how to determine correct back office
      • Direction on proper HR/Payroll process
      • Which Procurement platform should be used?
    • OneABM credentials and emails
      • Approximately 2100 of the 2900 GCA employees have been set up with AD & emails
      • Remainder of employees are on track to receive credentials by April 30th
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