Batwa Tribe Mind Map

Batwa Tribe - Mind Map

4 years ago by: Megan Walkom
  • Batwa Tribe
    • Economic Development Issues
      • Marginalised against in the job market
      • Rely on raw materials to help generate an income
      • Lack of access to education and job opportunities
    • Social Development Issues
      • Destruction of traditional ways of life
      • Evicted from traditional land by the government to establish a protected wildlife park
      • Reduced to squatters
      • Alcoholism, child abuse and sexual abuse
      • Inter tribal discrimination
      • Stereotypes
      • Land rights
      • Lack of interest from wider Ugandan population
      • Lack of acces to modern health care and education
    • Political Development Issues
      • Land rights
      • Government evicted Batwa to establish a protected wildlife park
      • Isolated and marginalised from society due to discrimination and negative stereotypes
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