CI-CD Scripts Mind Map

CI-CD Scripts - Mind Map

1 years ago by: Govind
  • DORAScripts
    • vm-cluster
      • Wordpress (Contaims the script to setup the VM for wordpress)
          • Installs Mysql, PHP and other required packages
          • Installs wordpress and configure it through some predefined posts
          • db/ (create wordpress Schema)
          • db/wordpress.sql (Creates some dummy post on WP database)
          • db/wordpress.sql (Creates some dummy post on WP database)
        • files directory
          • Contains WP configuration files which we copy to VM while installing WP through
    • k8s-cluster
      • configuration Contains Configuration scripts for gitlab, nexus, Jenkins, Nginx-Ingress
      • helm Contains helm charts for Gitlab, jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana
      • others Contains configuration scripts for MetalLB, Ingress and Nexus
      • load-test-simulation Contains script for load testing on GitLab, etc
        • Need to setup All the variables in this file, as these variables will be used throughout all the scripts
      • (Installs and configure Services on K8s cluster)
        • 1. Creates Namespace on K8s cluster
        • 2. Install Sonatype Nexus (Script Loc: /others/nexus/)
        • 3. Installs Jenkins (Script: /helm/jenkins)
        • 4. Installs gitlab (Script: /helm/gitlab/)
        • 5. Install metal-LB (Script: /others/metal-lb)
        • 6. Install Ingress-Nginx (Scripts: /others/nginx- ingress)
        • Uninstalls everything on the K8s cluster from the Namespace provided in
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