Cyberbullying124 Mind Map

Cyberbullying124 - Mind Map

3 months ago by: farzana nisar
    • What is cyber bullying?
      • Is bullying over digital devices like cellphones, computers, and tablets.
    • How else can cyber bullying occur?
      • It can also occur through text messages, social media, or forums where people can easily access and participate in.
    • Where are some common places where cyber bullying happens?
      • Most of the cyber bullying happens on social media for example Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.
    • What are some concerns regarding cyber bullying?
      • Most of those who do get cyber bullied online find it difficult to actually get away from it.
      • The contents can be shared by anyone and anyone can comment or say what they want.
        • Those who are actually doing the cyber bullying do not realize that what they post can affect their future in a negative way.
    • How is it so hard to stop cyber bullying?
      • The reason as to why cyber bullying is hard to stop because since it is online it offers users to continually add hurtful comments within a 24 hour time frame so its always consistent.
      • Since the attack happens online and is constant many people are having a hard time to find any type of relief.
    • Why isn't cyber bullying detected?
      • Cyber bullying isn't detected easily by teachers or parents due to the fact that they may not hear or see it happening hence why it is harder to detect and to stop it
    • What are some laws that stop cyber bullying?
      • All schools are required to stop any type of bullying, but since technology has increased any type of bullying still needs to be stopped by the school.
        • Some schools can actually now take action by using their local laws or getting law enforcement involved.
    • How many times is cyber bullying happening?
      • In the 2017 in the School Crime Supplement about 15 % students report that they were bullied through text or online.
        • In the 2019 Youth Rise Behavior Surveillance System students report that they were bullied electronically, which was 16 %.
    • What effects does cyber bullying do?
      • When a person is getting cyber bullied they have no ways of stopping it.
        • It could cause depression, anxiety, their performance at school may drop, or it can also lead them to do suicide.
          • Students or others who have experienced cyber bullying are doing self harm.
          • The suicide rate from cyber bullying has actually doubled and is the 2nd leading cause of death between the ages of 10-34.
    • How can we stop cyber bullying?
      • Let those who are getting cyber bullied know that its not their fault.
        • Save the evidence to stop cyber bullying through legal action.
          • Reach out to those and help them out.
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