ECI 321 Spring 20 Mind Map

ECI 321 Spring 20 - Mind Map

1 years ago by: Melissa Ann Settle
A overview of the course topics for you.
  • ECI 321
    • Teaching Beliefs - Theories/Philosophy
      • Refresh the Theorists Based on research, what do you believe?
    • Policies
      • Grading and Gradebook, Homework, Absences, Personal Privacy or Not, Progress Reports
    • Classroom Management
      • Rules and Procedures, Canned Programs, Philosophy, Field Trips, How to Behave So Your Students Will Also.
    • Family Involvement
      • How do you involve family at home? At School? How to utilize volunteers. Family-Teacher Conferences. Meet the teacher night or open house. Class Website
    • Professional Presence/Portfolio
      • Resume, Philosophy of Education, Interviewing
    • Politics and Partisan Thoughts
      • The past, present, and future
    • Lesson Planning Part 1
      • What is curriculum? How do we design curriculum? What does thematic or integrated really look like? Does assessment really drive curriculum? How do we teach/engage/respect all students?
    • Lesson Planning Part 2
      • Do teachers really write full lesson plans? How to create and work with weekly plans. How to maintain effective and efficient planning
    • First Days of School
      • How do you start the year? Lists? You are dynamic
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