ECI 407 Spring 20 Mind Map

ECI 407 Spring 20 - Mind Map

1 years ago by: Melissa Ann Settle
This is a general overview of our course this semester. This isn't meant to replace the Syllabus, only to enhance.
  • ECI 407
    • Amazing Content Project Conference w/Melissa to show learning
      • Content Areas (4)
        • Civics/Government
        • Geography
        • Economics
        • History
    • Required Textbook Reading
      • Take notes and learn about 6 chapters
      • Synthesize and Apply the notes - your OWN handwritten notes may be used for participation and quizzes
    • In Class Participation
      • Participation in Hand's on activities
      • Presence physically/mentally for lectures/videos/audios
      • Quizzes for content - see 2.2 regarding use of notes
    • Signature Assignment (Planning and Teaching Unit)
      • Read or listen to Refugee by Alan Gantz - sample unit ideas demonstrated for you
      • Candidate will pick Historical Fiction to Jump Start Unit Plan (Curriculum)
      • Signature Assignment Turned in on BbLearn
      • Class Presentation to show and share unit plans
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