Energy Lizzie Mind Map

Energy Lizzie - Mind Map

1 years ago by: Elizabeth Hobdell
  • Energy
    • Coal
      • Non Renewable
      • Coal is a fossil fuel made from lots of tiny dead organisms that have been rotting over billions of years
      • estimate of about 1.1 trillion tonnes left in the world
      • Coal is used for electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and liquid fuel.
      • 8 kWh of energy can be produced by 1kg of coal.
      • 100,000,000 tons of coal pollution is deposited every year.
    • Gas
      • Non Renewable
      • it is a fossil fuel
      • On 1st Jan, 2018 there was around 7,124 trillion cubic feet of natural gas supplies left in the world.
      • It is used for heating and cooking.
      • How much energy there is per kg / or other
      • Every 10,000 homes that use natural gas produce 11,000 tons of pollution
    • Tidal
      • Renewable
      • Energy created by waves in the seas and oceans is collected and used on land.
      • It is limitless unless the seas and oceans evaporate
      • it is used to supply power plants with electricity
      • the total amount of tidal energy stored in the world is 3,000 gigawatts
      • creates no pollution apart from maybe the manufacturing of the turbines
    • Solar
      • Renewable
      • Solar energy is created by the sun we use the rays from the sun and transform them into energy.
      • Solar energy is renewable so it will never run out but if it had to end it would be when the sun explodes.
      • It can be used for heating homes, and also powering electricity.
      • 1 solar panel produces 200 watts of energy.
      • creates pollution whilst solar panels are being manufatured
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