Hansel and Gretel Mind Map

Hansel and Gretel - Mind Map

10 months ago by: Noah
  • What is the moral/lesson of the story
    • Hansel and Gretel
      • Main Events
        • Leading the path with objects
          • Crumbs
            • Birds ate the crumbs so they were lost
            • They slept on a pile of leaves and in their dreams they saw a white dove
          • White rocks
        • Eating the witches house and her inviting them inside and locking the door
          • She fattened up Hansel
          • She made Gretel her slave
        • Gretel puts the witch in the oven, shuts the door, frees hansel and escaped the cottage
        • The dove lead them home and they're father was ecstatic that they were back and the same day the step mom went missing
      • Characters
        • Hansel
        • Gretel
        • Cannibal Witch
        • Evil Stepmom
        • Father
    • Why is it important
      • Why do young people need to know about it
        • Not to go into other peoples houses
      • What is an example in today's society
        • Being kidnapped or someone trying to give you something
    • Moral/lesson
      • Not to go into others houses because no matter how nice the seem, they might be trying to hhurt you
    • Name of fairytale
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