Practice groups1 Mind Map

Practice groups1 - Mind Map

3 months ago by: Tejal Parulkar
  • Practice groups
    • Weekly sessions trainee role
      • As participant initially
        • submit weekly group reports of the learning
          • Idea
        • Submit personal journey reports
      • Later on as Facilitator or presenter
        • submit weekly group reports of the learning
        • Submit personal journey reports
        • Submit feedback form on the facilitator in you BO room
      • Idea
    • Assessments of trainees
      • Self assessment forms
        • To be filed by oneself
      • Peer feed back forms to be filled by any two peers from your batch in whoose room you were facilitating
      • Written assessment on the concepts of HC
      • practical assessment where you would be facilitating the BO room
      • The assessment outcome will depend on all four of the above, feedback by peers and facilitators each week, and your reports
    • Role of the Organising facilitators during the weekly session
      • When trainees are as participants
        • give feedback on their concept and learning and practice after each session u attend. ( Link on portal)
      • When Trainees are as Facilitator or presenter and you are an observer
        • give feedback on the presenter after each session you attend
        • give feedback on the facilitator in whose room you were an observer ( link on portal)
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