SARS Workflow Mind Map

SARS Workflow - Mind Map

1 years ago by: Bryan Asdel
  • SARS Workflow
    • Instuctor makes referral
      • Admissions and Records receives referral
        • Student is enrolled in SDEV 150 or 151 and receives automated email that informs them of tutoring services avaliable
          • TLSC Staff pulls SARS Report Daily to see new enrollments in SDEV 150 & 151, confirming that students have been referred and subsequently enrolled in SDEV
            • TLSC Staff calls students who have been referred to inform them of tutoring services avaliablle
              • Student comes in
                • Student, when dropped into SARS Anywhere Grid, is automatically flagged as Early Alert automatically
                  • Tutor is prompted to link appointment to Early Alert and must select "YES"
                    • Referral automatically closes & instructor is notified
              • Student does not come in
                • Referral stays open indefinitely
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