Wedding Planning Mind Map

Wedding Planning - Mind Map

1 years ago by: sinuthomas
  • Wedding Planning
    • Phase 1: After Engagement
      • Set a Budget
      • Choose a Date
      • Make a Guests List
        • Create an e-invitation
        • Plan a Wedding Theme and Color
        • Create a Wedding Website to RSVP
      • Choose a Banquet Hall for the Wedding Sermon and Reception
    • Phase 2: Planning the Details
      • Choose Bridesmaids and Groom's Men
      • Wedding Arttire
        • Bride's Wedding Dress
        • Groom's Arttire
        • Groom's Men and Bridesmaid's Attire
    • Phase 3: Almost Down the Aisle
      • Cateering
        • Appetizers, Main Course, Wedding Cake, Drinks and Alcohol
      • Hire a Minister for the Sermon
      • DJ for the Reception
      • Floral arrangements
        • Brides Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquet and Groom's and Groomsmen's Corsages, Tables and Aisle
      • Make up for the Bride and Brides maids
      • Seating Arrangements
        • Track the number of RSVP
          • Set up Tables based on RSVP
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