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Harness the Power of Your Meetings!

Prepare and Execute Meetings Effectively with MatchWare's Agenda Software!

Need a more efficient way to run your meetings?

MindView is a mind mapping tool that enables you to brainstorm and organize your agenda, take notes and create minutes with a mouse click. This agenda software is a powerful way to increase productivity and collaboration.

Create Your Agenda in 3 Easy Steps

Key Features

  • Create agendas quickly and effectively
  • Includes professional templates - or create your own
  • "One click" export to Word or PowerPoint
  • Generates minutes quickly and easily
  • Easy to share using the FREE MindView Business Viewer

Brainstorm, Organize and Create Your Agenda

MindView is based on Mind Mapping and enables you to visualize and organize topics for an agenda. Simply brainstorm the topics you'd like to cover, then organize them by simply dragging and dropping them into the order you choose. With MindView, you can create an agenda and instantly turn it into an interactive map for conducting your business meetings more effectively than ever. Use the professional templates provided or create your own. Either way, MindView is the fastest, most effective way to create agendas that work!

Switch from a WBS chart to Gantt Chart

Add Notes on Each Topic and Attach Relevant Files

Maximize the productivity of your meetings by having all the information you need right at your fingertips!

MindView's user-friendly agenda software allows you to elaborate on each topic of your agenda by inserting notes, citing sources with hyperlinks to websites, and attaching relevant .pdf, Excel files, Word documents, and more.

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Export to Word and Print Copies

Once your agenda is finalized, export it to Word and print out hard copies for all participants. The export function produces your agenda as a Word document with a table of contents and all of your notes, hyperlinks and attached files intact. With several easy-to-use professional templates, you'll create agendas that stand out!

Present an Agenda as a PowerPoint Presentation

Seamlessly integrated with MS Office, MindView lets you convert your Mind Maps to PowerPoint presentations. This user-friendly agenda software sets up your presentations automatically, so with a simple click of your mouse, you're ready to go!

export to word and powerpoint

MindView Makes Collaboration Easy!

MindView makes it easy to share your agenda with colleagues and clients using MindView's FREE viewer (available in the Downloads menu).

Lead Your Meetings and Create Minutes with Ease

  • Distributing a hard copy of your agenda to all participants for review
  • Showing your interactive agenda using a projector
  • Going through the interactive agenda using continuous note taking, running and editing attached files, and opening hyperlinks.
  • Creating minutes by re-exporting the updated agenda to Word
  • Sending minutes and your updated agenda Mind Map to participants
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