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What is Concept Mapping Software?

Concept mapping software allows users to effortlessly create concept maps on their computer. Proven to elevate memory and comprehension, concept mapping software like MindView has become exceedingly popular in both education and business.


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MindView Concept Mapping Software

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  1. Concept Mapping software revolutionizes formal pen and paper method
  2. Powerful MS Office Integration
  3. Using Concept Mapping in Education
  4. Concept Mapping in Business

Revolutionizes Formal Pen and Paper Methods

Until recently, concept maps were sketched on paper. This posed great limitations on the amount of information a concept map could contain and what could be done with that concept map. The advanced features and powerful MS Office integration of a software tool like MindView have revolutionized concept mapping entirely.

Not only can you easily re-arrange concepts by dragging and dropping them, attach files, notes, and hyperlinks to branches with MindView, you can also convert that same concept map to a Word document, PowerPoint Presentation, or Excel file when you are done!


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Concept Mapping Software integrated with MS Office

MindView is the best concept mapping software available, due to its powerful MS Office integration. This allows users to transform a concept map into a Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Excel file with just a few clicks of the mouse. MS Office integration and professional export templates make concept mapping software a valuable productivity tool that will supplement any business.


Using in Education

Students have an easier time understanding and retaining information when it is presented in a concept map because the information is shown in a visual format. MindView, a state of the art mapping software, includes a variety of ready-to-use templates to enhance lessons, study guides, and more. Users can add significant information to their concept map by attaching Word documents, PDF files, hyperlinks and more.



Concept Mapping Software in Business

The use of concept mapping software is widespread for creating business plans, meeting agendas, swot analysis, and project management. With software like MindView, there is endless potential, because users can attach notes, Word documents, Excel Files, PDF files, and hyperlinks to branches, and can also add dates, durations and resources, converting their concept map into an action plan!

Download concept mapping software templates for: business plan software, agenda software, swot analysis software and project management software



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Create a Timeline or Gantt chart

With mapping software like MindView, a concept map can easily be turned into a Timeline or Gantt chart. Take advantage of concept mapping software like MindView’s, which includes professional business templates to effortlessly create action plans, agendas, budgets and more.


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Create a Gantt Chart or Timeline With MindView Concept Mapping Software