Concept Mapping Software For Nursing

What is Concept Mapping Software for Nursing?

A 2008 nursing program study, published in Nurse Educator, reported a 12% increase in test scores among nursing students who used concept mapping as a part of their curriculum. Since then, Purdue University and nursing schools worldwide have adopted concept mapping software for nursing programs.

MindView is a leader in concept mapping software and is used to instill a range of nursing practices including assessing patient needs and patient diagnosis.

  1. Concept mapping helps nurses organize thoughts and methods
  2. Improve memory and comprehension with concept mapping software
  3. Concept mapping software for nursing enhances decision making
  4. Use concept mapping software to Develop reports


Concept Mapping Software for Nursing Assists in: Use Concept Mapping Software for Nursing to Create:
  • Assessing Patient Needs
  • Finding Relationships Between Symptoms
  • Revealing Diagnosis
  • Creating Patient Reports with MS Office
  • Care Plans
  • SBAR Analysis
  • Patient Diagnosis
  • Study Aids
  • Meeting Agendas
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Concept Mapping Helps Nurses Organize Thoughts & Methods

A growing trend in the healthcare industry is the use of concept mapping software for nursing. By creating concept maps in software programs like MindView, nurses present a clear understanding of various topics from assessing patient needs, to isolating the steps of diagnosis.

Adapting methods such as SBAR and SOAP into a concept map, helps nurses to better organize their thoughts and actions. In turn, concept mapping for nursing results in improved patient care and greater efficiency in how that care is delivered by developing a patient care plan in a concept map.


concept mapping software for nursing

Download Free Concept Mapping Templates Here!


Improve Memory and Comprehension with Concept Mapping Software

The process of creating a concept map requires and encourages critical thinking, and traditionally has been done with pen and paper. Today concept mapping software such as MindView has streamlined this process, and when used in a nursing environment, proves to be a valuable educational and organizational tool.


patient care plan concept map for nursing template


Concept Mapping Software for Nursing Enhances Decision Making

Concept mapping for nursing ensures insightful decision making. With concept mapping software, users can elaborate on a patient’s status by inserting hyperlinks to websites, taking detailed notes on a symptom, etc. Additionally, you can attach relevant .pdf and Excel files, Word documents and more to each topic.


patient care plan concept map


Use Concept Mapping Software to Develop Reports

With its seamless integration to MS Office, and easy-to-use professional templates, concept mapping software like MindView helps nurses distribute their concept map into various reports. Simply export a concept map to Microsoft Word to create a patient care plan or SBAR analysis.

Users even have the option to convert their concept map to a PowerPoint presentation. MindView sets up your presentations automatically, so with a simple click of your mouse, you’re ready to go!


export to Microsoft word


Concept Mapping Software for Nursing with Export to MS Office


Why MindView is the best Concept Mapping Software for Nursing

  • Multiple Design Views and Map Styles
  • Over 100 Free Professionally Designed Templates
  • Seamless Integration with MS Office
  • File Attachments and Interactivity